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Information about the Architecture in Macedonia, in Greece but also information about architecture in many locations of the region: In the heart of Northern Greece, Macedonia offers visitors unique experiences with its natural beauty and glorious monuments. The area consists of many historical places with rich cultural heritage expressed in all forms of art like architecture, poetry, and music. Throughout its long history, Macedonia maintained its individual character and aesthetic quality, especially in the traditional Greek architecture that we can still admire in the towns of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

Its age-old churches and monasteries hosting beautiful 11th and 16th-century wall frescoes and icons, medieval castles and other surviving monuments will take you on a wonderful journey back in time. The jewel of Macedonia is the monastic community of Mount Athos, a place that expresses the ultimate form of Byzantine architecture and spirituality. The unique architecture, the defensive layout, the imposing bell towers, the vaulted domes, and the perfect decoration make Mount Athos a living art and history museum.

Thessaloniki is where one can find marvelous examples of Ottoman and traditional Macedonian architecture. The town is an open museum, especially for the Byzantine churches, the Turkish mosques, and the Ottoman buildings. Macedonia shares many characteristics reflecting the Ottoman occupation and Byzantine influences. The White Tower is one of the most enduring symbols of Byzantine architecture and the trademark of Thessaloniki built in the 15th century. Between the historical neighborhoods of Thessaloniki stand numerous Ottoman and  Macedonian houses built by the refugees, traditional mansions, and marble squares of great interest.

This brings a fine contrast with the modern buildings of Macedonia which rise over the wide boulevards and the neoclassical houses which signify the splendid architecture of an old era. A simpler form of the Macedonian style can be seen in the villages of Halkidiki from one-room dwellings to elegant mansions with picturesque balconies and decorations from the local craftsmen.

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