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Information about the local Products of Macedonia, in Greece but also information about local products in many locations of the region: Macedonia owns some of the richest farmlands in Greece like the plain of Thessaloniki. The area cultivates a wide variety of agricultural products including rice, beans, cotton, tobacco, fruit, grapes and wine. In addition, Macedonia is well-known for its dairy products, fish and hardwoods which contribute to the economic development of the region.

Macedonian cuisine has many influences from the refugees of Minor Asia and Istanbul in the 20th century. Some of the common recipes of Macedonia are the lamb cooked with vegetables, goat boiled and other recipes with celery and rice. The specialties of Macedonia are wild boar and trahana and the best-known cheese is tyrokafteri (spicy cheese). There is also a wide range of Macedonian sweets which are made in phyllo like the famous baklava (phyllo filled with pistachio nuts) and bougatsa (pie with cream) in Thessaloniki.

The locals managed to preserve their age-old traditions in textile weaving and crafts. Local craftsmen create some fine pieces carved in wood, replicas from Macedonian artifacts and jewellery pieces. The Macedonia products are famous for their good quality and a great variety of pastries.

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