Find out everything about your holidays in Mathraki on our travel guide! Mathraki is one of the most secluded Greek islands! It is located close to the northern coast of Corfu and belongs to the Diapontia island complex along with Erikoussa and Othoni.

If you’re someone who loves isolation and privacy, Mathraki is the perfect destination for you! This little island boasts a beautiful setting as it is carpeted with lush vegetation and is dotted with traditional houses that ooze charm in abundance.

Given that Mathraki is a destination off the beaten tourist trail, it doesn’t have many facilities and is visited by a few tourists. Mathraki is a nice destination for a day trip from Corfu as well as for campers who seek isolation.

Mathraki, one of the least commercial islands in Greece, is the perfect place to get away from it all!

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Mathraki is a secluded island located on the northern side of Corfu. It is accessible by boat from Agios Stefanos in Corfu and receives very few tourists, even during the high season.

What’s interesting about Mathraki is that there are no buses and almost no cars on the island, so a boat and a motorbike are the most commonly used means of transportation. Otherwise, you can explore the island on foot!

Since Mathraki is mainly a camping destination, don’t expect to find any luxurious hotels and special facilities. There are only a few rooms to let around the port. The only village in Mathraki is Chorio, on the southern side of the island. This village is nestled in a verdant area and boasts a wonderful view of the sea!

The most beaches in Mathraki, such as Apidies, Arvanitiko, and Fyki are rocky. The only sandy beach in Mathraki is Portello, a beautiful long beach on the eastern shore of the island that has enticing water and is surrounded by lush greenery.

Mathraki is the perfect destination for relaxing holidays!!

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The only way to reach the island is by ferry. There are ferries to Mathraki from Corfu island. The closest airport to Mathraki is also on Corfu island.


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  • Chorio village
    Chorio is actually the only village in Mathraki and can be reached by foot from the port. Many houses are old and abandoned, but the few inhabitants are truly welcoming.
  • Portello beach
    Portello is the main beach of Mathraki, easy to access by foot from the port. It has sandy coast and crystal waters. The other beaches on the island are mostly pebbled.
  • Kontrakas beach
    Kontrakas is a nice small cove with crystal water. The green environment creates a lovely place to relax and enjoy total isolation.