Mathraki Chorio

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Chorio Village Mathraki: Chorio is the main village and capital of Mathraki. Located on the southern side of the island, Chorio is built on the slopes of Merovigli, the beautiful mountain on Mathraki. It has a few houses spread here and there, a couple of taverns and some rooms to let for visitors.

Constructed on the slopes of a mountainside, Chorio offers gorgeous views to the sea and across the coasts. Facilities are quite limited there, thus visitors have the chance to enjoy the unspoilt environment. An asphault road connects Chorio to Plakes, the port of Mathraki, and many beaches. Through a track road, the beach of Arvanitiko can be reached, a rocky cape on the south eastern side of the island.

Houses in Chorio are traditional. Most of them are built entirely of stone, while you will frequently see some abandoned houses surrounded by forest and olive trees. Chorio counts on 100 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and fishing.

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