Mathraki Geography

Mathraki belongs to the complex of the Diapontia islands (along with Othoni and Erikoussa). Located north of Corfu, the Diapontia islands are the north-westernmost parts of the Greek territory. Mathraki is a tiny island of 3,1 This is the smallest island of the complex and the closest to Corfu (only 4 nautical miles from Cape Arillas, Corfu), which is why the history of Mathraki is so connected to the history of Corfu.

The geography of Mathraki is almost even and provides a great place for trekking. In fact, the highest peak is Merovigli, at an altitude of 157 meters, in the center of the island. The capital village of Mathraki is Chorio, on the southern side, surrounded by lush greenery of pine trees, cypresses, and olive trees.

Beaches in Mathraki are mostly rocky, such as Apidies, Fyki and the wonderful Cape Arvanitiko on the southeast. The most famous beach is Portello, a long sandy beach with exotic water, on the eastern coast, within a walking distance from the port. Actually, every corner in Mathraki is accessible on foot or by boat.

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