Mathraki Weather

The weather of Mathraki is very similar to the weather of Corfu, as the island is only 4 n.m. from the northern coasts of Corfu. The climate is characterized by a wet winter and a hot summer.

Mathraki receives frequent showers and storms in winter (starting from early November till early March), which explains why the island is so lush green. Mathraki is also exposed to strong winds as it is in the middle of the open sea. Temperatures are between 5 and 10oC and it rarely snows.

In spring, the nature blossoms and the temperature gets a bit higher. In summer, the day is very hot and the temperature rises at about 30-35oC. In the evening, a chilly sea breeze blows and make the atmosphere more comfortable, lowering the temperature at about 25-28oC.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Mathraki in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 16 24 28 31 32 28 23
Sea 16 18 21 23 24 23 21
Rainfall 7 5 2 1 1 5 9