We have compiled for your benefit a list of all the essential information you could need when looking for hotels in Lefkada and a presentation of the most popular locations on the island.

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On a quick note, hotels are located in many different villages and coastal settlements. We recommend starting your research for a hotel in the main town of Lefkada, in Nidri, or in Nikiana which are some of the most popular locations. If you are looking for a more picturesque setting, we strongly recommend to book your hotel in Agios Nikitas.


Use the filters to narrow your search by location, type and special recommendations (luxury, budget, family, near the beach hotel options as well as hotels for kitesurfers).
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The beautiful island of Lefkada is known all around the world for the turquoise waters of its beaches, such as Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas and Milos, which are some of the best seashores in Greece and Europe.
Lefkada is easy to reach by car since it is connected to the mainland with a bridge, so no ferry crossings are required.

While trying to decide which part of Lefkada is ideal for accommodation, you will notice a wide variety of accommodation facilities all over the island: Hotels, apartments, villas, rooms, traditional houses and more.

Distances between different parts of the island are long, so it is better to choose your accommodation location carefully.
If you want to travel around, there is a bus connection between the biggest villages and the most popular beaches but the majority of other locations can only be approached by car.
Having a car will also allow you to pick a more isolated lodging that will offer you more privacy and exclusivity, usually accompanied by amazing sea views.




The island's most popular places to stay include Lefkada Town, Nidri, Nikiana and Sivota.
Agios Ioannis is great for kitesurfers, Vasiliki for windsurfers, while Agios Nikitas is ideal for those who would love to spend time in a traditional village.

Still can't decide where to stay in Lefkada?
Keep reading to find out more about the best locations for your accommodation in a luxury resort, villa, seafront hotel, budget apartment, family room or other types of lodging.


Lefkada Town is the perfect place for those seeking central accommodation.
The island's capital town has a lively atmosphere, offering at the same time, cafes, shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities. There are so many things to see and do in this area, while some organized tours and activities also start downtown. In addition, Lefkada Town is a good option for those who do not have a car, since a bus station is located there, allowing you to visit other parts of the island. Various types of accommodation facilities can be found in the town and the only negative thing about choosing to stay there is that there are no beaches within walking distance.
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❤ Our recommendations:
Allure Central Boutique, Bohèmian Boutique Hotel & The Secret Boutique Hotel



Nidri is a touristically developed coastal settlement on the eastern side of the island, offering some of the most popular seaside resorts in Lefkada.
Situated in a lovely setting, the village combines mountain views with sea views and overlooks the tiny nearby islets of Madouri, Scorpios, Skorpidi, Sparti and Meganisi among others.
Tour boats, fishing boats and small cruise ships depart from the village's well-organized marina on a regular basis, while the gift shops and taverns are always busy in this area.
At Nidri, you will also find a small beach that usually gets quite crowded. It may not be one of the best beaches on the island but its crystal waters are great for a morning swim if you don't feel like driving to go to another beach.
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❤ Our recommendations:
Villa Veneziano, Ifigenia Apartments, George Hotel & Bel Air



Situated on the eastern coast, between Nidri and Ligia, the beach of Nikiana is one of the best places for your accommodation in Lefkada!
Surrounded by mountains covered with dense greenery, the seaside settlement offers a few taverns, restaurants and shops, as well as excellent accommodation facilities that guarantee great views.
It is worth mentioning that Nikiana is only a short drive away from the capital Town of Lefkada, around 9 km from there.
This location is ideal, especially if you have a car, since you will also find many wonderful beaches around the region.
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❤ Our recommendations:
Sea Mansion, Ionian Heaven Luxury Villas & Porto Galini



Our favorite place to stay in Lefkada is Agios Nikitas.
It combines an excellent location among forest trees, direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and nice architecture with paved alleys and two-storey houses.
This small coastal village, with a picturesque atmosphere, has some small hotel units and apartments for rent, and traditional taverns and restaurants serving local delicious local dishes.
Although during the day many tourists visit is, in the evening it becomes calmer offering a very relaxed and romantic atmosphere.
This beautiful village is ideal for those who want to spend their vacation having a magical beach at their doorstep and being surrounded by a charming setting.
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❤ Our recommendations:
Fetsis Apartments, Idilli Villas, Nefeli Hotel & Villa Milos.



For an authentic atmosphere, you may also consider picking Vassiliki for your accommodation.
This is a small fishing village on the southern side of Lefkada, full of colorful fishing boats and surrounded by lush green vegetation.
A long sandy beach is also situated there and this location is particularly popular among windsurfers.
In addition to the water sports facilities available, you will discover excellent restaurants and hotels that offer you the chance to stay just a few steps away from the beach.
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❤ Our recommendations:
Skai Two Floor Apartment, Armonia Apartments, Heliotropia Houses, Orange Apartments, Sophia Studios




When should I book my hotel?

Lefkada is visited by thousands of tourists every year and although there are many hotels on the island, booking early your hotel is recommended.
Especially if you are travelling during the high season (July- September) it is safer to have completed your reservation 4-5 months in advance.

Where can I book my hotel?

Greeka.com is an online travelling guide about Greece and the Greek islands operating since 1999. We have hand-picked the best hotels on the island and have included them and presented them in our website. By clicking the “Book online” button, you will either, in case of affiliate links*, be redirected to Booking.com and booking.com will handle your reservation or in case of sponsored links, you will be redirected to the official hotel website, where the hotel will handle the reservation. In both cases there is no extra fee charged to you for this. *Booking.com pays a small commission to us for every booking which helps us to continue our qualitative work and provide you with the best possible information.

Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

When is the best time to visit Lefkada?

The touristic season in Lefkada starts at the end of May and finishes at the end of September.
July and August are the busiest months on the island.
If you want a relaxed atmosphere during your holiday, you can avoid visiting during the two busiest months.

Will I find last minute accommodation?

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your lodging if you are travelling from July to early September.
Lefkada is a popular destination and hotels get sold out quickly. Booking your stay 4-5 months in advance is safe.

What types of accommodation are found?

You can basically find all types of accommodation in Lefkada. More specifically there are boutique hotels, rooms to let, bnbs, luxury hotels, villas and suites.
View our selected accommodation by type: Villas, Apartments, Traditional Houses, Rooms to let, Studios, Suites and more.

Is accommodation expensive?

It depends on the period and the type of hotel. Lower rates are found during June and after mid-September. Higher rates are found during the high season.

How much does accommodation cost?

It depends on many factors. An average estimation not including Luxury Hotels, for 2 persons would be around 100-150 euros/ per night in high season.

Where is the best place to stay if you are travelling on a budget?

You can find cheap accommodation options (60-120euros/ per night) in the Town of Lefkada.

Where is the best place to stay for a family with children?

Beach resorts are popular among families travelling with kids because they are in close proximity to the beach and offer many tourist facilities such as shops, supermarkets and restaurants.
Nidri, Vassiliki, Nikiana and Agios Nikitas are some of the best locations for a family holiday in Lefkada.