Kefalonia Korgialeneios Library

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Location: Argostoli

If you are a book lover, you have to visit Korgialeneios Library, the third biggest library in Greece.
It is the Public Library of Argostoli, and you can find it at Ilia Zervou 12 street.
It is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 2pm.

It was founded in 1924, with funds provided by the heritage of Marinos Korgialeneios, a very rich man from Kefalonia.
You can also visit Korgialeneios History and Folklore Museum since it lies on the ground floor.
Since its founding, it quickly became an intellectual hive, containing vast amounts of information, while also promoting research.
It is valued internationally in academic circles, as a center of scientific and intellectual activity.
Now the Ministry of Education and Religions supervises its function.

The 1953 earthquake destroyed the original building, but fortunately, the volume of knowledge was salvaged.
Nowadays, it contains over 62.000 volumes. The Local Historical Archive of Kefalonia is also on the ground floor.
The library possesses many valuable collections in its possession. The most unique ones are the Eptanisian, the Manuscript collections and the Magazine Collection.
There is also a collection of books of General Interest and an Audiovisual collection with vinyl records and CD-ROMs.

You can either relax with a book in the calm, quiet environment of the library or you can borrow one. There are computers with an internet connection in the Information Center, for you to search for the titles you wish for.
You can also request copies of source material that is not for lend. Lastly, there are 2 event rooms that host intellectual and scientific events and a concert room, where students studying music can practice the piano.



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