Kefalonia Korgialeneios Library

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Location: Argostoli

The Korgialeneios Library (or Public Library of Argostoli) was first established with funds from Kefalonian businessman Marinos Korgialeneios in 1924. Housed in a building near the Kefalos Municipal Theater, this library in Kefalonia is the third largest in Greece, hosting over 62.000 volumes (classified into seven distinct collections), along with rare manuscripts (such as manuscripts of Byzantine tunes) and written texts that date back to the early 16th century!

Ever since its early days, it has been regarded as a house of highly-valuable information while promoting research and the element of intellectuality. Boasting a section that is dedicated to the Ionian bibliography and Ionian newspapers, the library’s main area is now fully equipped with personal computers and functions as a reading room! Plus, there are a couple of rooms that can host scientific events and book lectures, as well as a concert room that is used for piano lessons.

After the devastating 1953 earthquake, the original building was destroyed, yet the volumes were all rescued! Nowadays, this building also hosts the Korgialeneio Historical and Folklore Museum on its ground floor while supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs.

Korgialeneios Library is open daily from 09:00 to 12:30!



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