Iakovatios Library in Kefalonia

Iakovatios Library and Museum of Kefalonia: One of the places of interest on the Greek island of Kefalonia is the Iakovatios Library and Museum. The library and museum are in the suburbs of Lixouri. The library is inside a pre-earthquake mansion that used to belong to the Typaldi-Iakovatios family. It was restored to its original grandeur in 1984.

There are 20,000 books in this library displayed in 14 rooms with wood-paneled ceilings. One-fifth of these books are from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. 7,000 of these books were originally owned by Iakovatios family. 5,000 books used to belong to a theology professor named Alivizatos. A book called The Complete Works of Hippocrates, published in 1595 is considered to be the most valuable book in this library.

The library-museum takes up one floor of the building. Other than books, it has a collection of documents belonging to the Iakovatios family, church vestments, antique furniture, the Metropolitan's bedroom suite, portraits, a 1954 leaden seal, a psalter in 4 languages, prelatic garments, bishop crosses and more. You can see 36 icons. The most notable of these icons are The Assembly of Archangels by Philotheos and To en Honais thayma by Damaskinos. These icons can be found in a special chamber.

You can find three gospels from the Bible on parchments from the 10th, 14th and 15th centuries. The parchments are animal skins. The library also houses the 1556 edition of The Complete Works of Plato. This edition is from Venice. The library is surrounded by a beautiful garden. This museum is unique for its architecture and collection. You should definitely make this museum a part of your visit to Kefalonia.

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