Kefalonia Historical and Folk Art Museum

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Location: Argostoli
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Founded in 1962, the Korgialenio Historical and Folk Art Museum in Kefalonia is housed in the same building as Korgialenos Library.

The museum exhibits everyday objects, clothes, furniture, manuscripts, tools, utensils, ecclesiastical objects, icons and other items dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries, starting from the Venetian occupation up until the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. Visitors will also find a collection of photographs depicting Kefalonia before and after the earthquakes, as well as the reconstruction of various buildings that collapsed.

The permanent collection is divided between urban, rural, ecclesiastical art and urban design. Many of its rooms are set up to look like an actual traditional house, creating the feeling of being transported to a different time.

The museum's collection is of great cultural importance for Kefalonia, exhibiting objects representing the island's diverse social and cultural background. The island's culture has been heavily influenced by the Venetians, the Turks, the British and others that left their mark on the local history.



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