Museums in Kefalonia

The historical identity of Kefalonia is strongly related to the Paleolithic times and the Mycenaen period. In the surrounded regions of Kefalonia visitors have the chance to admire a plethora of sites which findings have found their home in the museums of the island.

In Argostoli, the beautiful capital of Kefalonia lies the Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia, which hosts a lavish collection of ancient findings from the Paleolithic and Roman period. Visitors have the chance to admire hundreds of items, tools, tombs, marble busts and statues from the Classical period. The island is involved with the foundation of other museums as well as the Natural History Museum that hosts interesting findings from the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca. It aims to introduce the rich natural environment of the island and especially children will have fun while learning.

In the beautiful village of Fiscardo, visitors can find the Nautical Museum which focuses on the naval history of Kefalonia in various periods. In the capital of Kefalonia, you should definitely pay a visit to the Historical and Folklore Museum which guards the age-old tradition of Kefalonia. In the beautiful village of Fiscardo lies the Nautical Museum and in Lixouri, you can see the Iakovatios Library with a great collection of rare books.

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Archaeological Museum

This museum houses various findings from the prehistoric, the Hellenistic and the Roman period. The best part of the collection is from the Mycenaean period and consists of coins, swords, sculptures, ceramics, and tools.
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Iakovatios Library

The Iakovatios Museum and Library is housed in the remarkable Neoclassical house of Iakovatios-Typaldos in Lixouri. It houses many rare books and manuscripts, while the decoration is impressive.

Natural History Museum

Note: This museum is closed until further notice. Established by the Society for the Protection of the Environment of the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca, the Natural History Museum is located in the village of Davgata, north of Argostoli. This museum was founded in order to introduce the natural environment of Kefalonia and Ithaca to the people and to protect it.

Nautical Museum

The Nautical and Environmental Museum of Fiscardo is run by a non-profit organization and aims to promote public sensitivity for marine life and environmental protection. The museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiscardo.

Historical and Folk Art Museum

This interesting museum is housed in the ground floor of the Corgialenion Library, in the capital of Kefalonia. It has been founded in order to preserve the memories of Kefalonia before the earthquake of 1953.

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