Kefalonia ports (Sami, Poros and others)

The island of Kefalonia has two main ports for the arrivals and departures of passenger ferries - Sami and Poros.
Smaller ports are also located in Fiscardo, Pessada, Argostoli and Lixouri.

Below, you will find all the information you need to know about the ports of Kefalonia.
Sami PortPoros PortOther Ports

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Ferry in the port of Sami

The ferry port of Sami is located on the eastern side of Kefalonia, in the small seafront town of Sami, facing Ithaca. Sami gets busy during the summer but the village does maintain its picturesque atmosphere. The region is covered with lush nature and the famous Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave are not located far away.

The port of Sami only serves conventional passenger ferries. The most common ferry routes are to Ithaca and Patra. The ferry companies using this port are Levante Ferries, Ventouris Ferries and Ionion Pelagos.
Seasonal ferry routes to Italy (Bari) may also be available during the summer (by European Seaways and Red Star Ferries).

Ferry connections:
Kefalonia - Astakos | Kefalonia - Ithaca | Kefalonia - Patra

Port facilities

The small port does not offer any facilities besides public restrooms and a vending machine. In the surrounding area, however, you will find many hotels and other accommodation facilities, as well as shops and restaurants. A bank, car rental offices and a hospital are also located within a short walking distance from the port.

Contact Information

Address: 28080 Sami, Kefalonia, Greece
Port Authority Telephone: +30 26740 22031

Transportation to & from the port

Argostoli: 26 km / 16 mi | Fiscardo: 38 km / 24 mi | Poros: 26 km / 16 mi | Assos: 25 km / 16 mi | Lixouri: 43 km / 27 mi | Skala: 38 km / 24 mi | Lassi: 18 km / 11 mi

Car rental: Car rentals are the most convenient way to travel around Kefalonia since it is a large island and many destinations cannot be reached by bus. You can easily rent a car, quad, ATV, motorbike, or another vehicle online and have it delivered to the port on the day of your arrival. In this way, you save time, without having to look for a vehicle at the local car rental offices. 
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Taxi: Taxis are available in Sami, although they are not recommended for long distances. In case you need a taxi transfer, it is better to opt for the radio taxi service.

Bus: Sami is connected by bus to Lixouri, Argostoli, Agia Efimia, Divarata and Kilini. The availability and frequency of routes depend on the time of year, with itineraries increasing in summer. Bus connections (via ferry) are also available to Ithaca island and the cities of Patra and Athens, on the Greek mainland. For more information on the routes and the bus schedule, check out the official website of KTEL Kefalonias.

Hotel transfers: Depending on the place you are staying, many hotels offer shuttle service upon request, either free of charge or with an extra fee. For this type of transfer, you will have to contact the hotel ahead of time to arrange a pickup. 



Ferry Kefalonia of Levante ferries in the port of Poros

The seafront town and the port of Poros are situated on the southeastern side of Kefalonia. The settlement has around 1500 inhabitants and the port was constructed during the 1950s. Surrounded by verdant mountains, Poros is lively during the summer season but at the same time, it maintains a peaceful atmosphere. You will also find an amazing beach that is approximately 2 kilometers long in the region.

Poros Port is mostly used by passenger ferries but it also serves yachts and other sailing vessels. At the same time, it is used as a commercial port.
Levante Ferries is the company that operates passenger ferries that arrive to and depart from Poros.

Ferry connections:
Kefalonia - Ithaca (Pisaetos) | Kefalonia - Kilini

Port facilities

Poros town offers various facilities very close to the port, such as taverns, cafes, bars and shops. Car rental offices and hotels are also available in this area. The port itself is quite small and does not offer any additional facilities.

Contact Information

Address: 28082 Poros, Kefalonia, Greece
Port authority telephone: (+30) 267102 2224

Transportation to & from the port

Argostoli: 40 km / 25 mi | Fiscardo: 64 km / 40 mi | Sami: 26 km / 16 mi | Assos: 50 km / 31 mi | Lixouri: 66 km / 41 mi | Skala: 13 km / 8 mi | Lassi: 41 km / 25 mi

Car rental: By booking your car rental online, you can choose the Port of Poros as a pickup location and receive your vehicle when you arrive. In addition to various types of cars, motorbikes, ATVs and quads are among the vehicles you can rent.
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Taxi: There are taxis in the area of Poros and you can also book a taxi via phone call, email, or mobile apps, depending on the company. Taxis, however, are not the best choice for long distances since they can be quite expensive.

Bus: Kefalonia KTEL buses offer a route between Poros and Argostoli. Buses are scheduled once or twice a day, although availability changes depending on the season.

Hotel transfers: Certain hotels offer transfer services, especially if they are located in the region near the port. To arrange a hotel transfer, you will have to contact the hotel directly. Some accommodation facilities offer shuttle service for free, while others charge a fee.


Other ports in Kefalonia

Ferry and maritime police in the port of Fiscardo

Pessada: This small port is situated on the southern side of Kefalonia. It serves ferries that reach Zakynthos, as well as cruise ships.

Fiscardo: Located on the northernmost part of the island, the village of Fiscardo also has a port that serves mostly yachts and small boats.

Argostoli: The capital of Kefalonia has a natural port, from where local ferries to Lixouri depart. Cruise ships dock at the port of Argostoli, too. 

Lixouri: The port of Lixouri is connected with Argostoli via a local ferry.