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In brief, Corfu Airport receives flights all year round. During summer, their number increases, with more than 20 cities being connected via plane with the island.

Visitors can reach Corfu through a direct flight from three airports in Greece - Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki International Airport and Aktion International Airport (Preveza). In case of starting the journey from another Greek town/island, like Santorini, Mykonos, or Heraklion, a stop at one of the three aforementioned airports is unavoidable in order to go to Corfu.
The frequency of flights increases during summer to help the thousands of vacationers who select the Ionian gem for their holiday getaway. 

Note: Unlike ferry tickets, airline tickets do not have fixed prices - the closer to the high season the date, the pricier the ticket! Thus, we suggest booking your airline tickets at your earliest convenience.


National Flights

The Airport of Corfu (CFU) is located 3 km south of Corfu Town, the island's capital.

• From Athens Airport

Direct flights between Athens and Corfu are available throughout the year. Yet, during the high season, extra flights are added to the schedules. After taking off, an average of 70 minutes is needed to reach the island.
The flights are operated by Aegean Airlines / Olympic Air, Sky Express and Ryan Air.

• From Thessaloniki Airport

Direct flights from Thessaloniki take off every day during summer. The average flight duration is 60 minutes.
Again, the flights are operated by Aegean Airlines / Olympic Air, Sky Express and Ryan Air.

• From Aktion Airport (Preveza)

Lastly, direct flights to Corfu are also available from Preveza three days a week. Aktion lies the closest to the island and the flight duration is only 30 minutes.
Direct flights are operated by Sky Express only.


International Flights & Airlines

Note: The majority of international flights from/to Corfu are available during the summer season. Departure times are subject to change.

The data concerning international flights stated below are indicative.

There are direct flights from a lot of countries.
Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Romania | Serbia | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom



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