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In brief, the Airport of Athens is a huge international airport that receives hundreds of domestic and international flights all year round. It is located around 30 km from the center of Athens and its up-to-date premises can accommodate all travelers' needs.

The International Airport of Athens (abbreviation: AIA, IATA code: ATH) is the largest airport in Greece and the Balkan peninsula. It is also one of the busiest in Europe, as it was ranked 19th in the list of the busiest European airports in 2022.
It is located in the region of Spata, 30 km east of Athens' city center and 15 km away from the port of Rafina.
The airport was named after Eleftherios Venizelos, a former Prime Minister of Greece and one of the most pivotal figures of the European political scene of the 20th century.
Hundreds of destinations in Greece and across the world are connected with AIA via both domestic and international flights.
The airport was inaugurated in 2001 in order to replace the old airport of Athens which was located in Ellinikon. Since its establishment, several alterations were made in order to serve the millions of travelers and the airport is now a well-equipped and well-functioning modern space.



The International Airport of Athens receives numerous domestic and international flights every day throughout the year.
Regarding flights within Greece, thanks to it, the capital is the place with the most connections to other areas of the mainland and the islands. Almost all places hosting an airport are connected to Athens and, in most cases, the flights are direct.

The Greek areas that are connected to Athens via direct flights are presented below:

Crete: Chania (CHQ) - Heraklion (HER) - Sitia (JSH)
Cyclades: Santorini (JTR) - Mykonos (JMK) - Naxos (JNX) - Paros (PAS) - Milos (MLO) - Syros (JSY)
Dodecanese: Rhodes (RHO) - Kos (KGS) - Astypalaia (JTY) - Kalymnos (JKL) - Karpathos (AOK) - Leros (LRS)
Eastern Aegean Islands: Lesvos (MJT) - Lemnos (LXS) - Samos (SMI) - Chios (JKH) - Ikaria (JIK)
Ionian Islands: Corfu (CFU) - Kefalonia (EFL) - Zakynthos (ZTH) - Kythira (KIT)
Sporades: Skiathos (JSI) - Skyros (SKU)

Thrace: Alexandroupolis (AXD)
Macedonia: Thessaloniki (SKG) - Kavala (KVA) - Kozani (KZI) - Kastoria (KSO)
Epirus: Ioannina (IOA)
Peloponnese: Kalamata (KLX)

In terms of international transportation, the Airport of Athens is connected with dozens of cities throughout Europe, as well as some countries on other continents.

The countries that are connected to Athens via flights are listed below:

Albania - Armenia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Georgia - Germany - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Malta - Montenegro - Netherlands - North Macedonia - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - United Kingdom
USA - Canada
Bahrain - China - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Singapore - Syria - United Arab Emirates - Qatar
Egypt - Ethiopia - Tunisia


How to get there (or leave)

Distances from:
Athens (Syntagma): 33 km / 20.5 miles | Piraeus: 48 km / 29.8 miles | Rafina: 15.5 km / 9.6 miles | Lavrion: 36 km / 22.4 miles

Public Transport


The bus is the most affordable means of transport. A one-way ticket costs 5.50 EUR.
Four bus lines connect the airport with the city of Athens. All are express routes, meaning that passengers can only disembark the buses after they depart from the airport and, in the same way, can only board them after they depart from their starting points.
The buses that head to the airport terminate at the Arrivals Area. The buses that leave from the airport depart from the point between Exit 4 and Exit 5 at the level of Departures.

X95: This line connects the Airport to Syntagma Square, the most focal point of Athens. Buses terminate right outside the Syntagma metro station, which is a part of both the Red Line (Line 2) and the Blue Line (Line 3). The estimated duration of the route is 60 minutes.
X96: This line connects the Airport to the port of Piraeus. Buses terminate along Poseidonos Avenue, outside the metro station, which is a part of both the Green Line (Line 1) and the Blue Line (Line 3). The estimated duration of the route is 90 minutes.
X93: This line connects the Airport to the Intercity Bus Station of Kifissos. The bus also stops at the Liosion Intercity Bus Station. The estimated duration of the route is 65 minutes.
X97: This line connects the Airport to Elliniko. Buses terminate outside the Elliniko metro station, which is a part of the Red Line. The estimated duration of the route is 45 minutes.

The routes are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
Even though itineraries are frequent, timetables, frequency and pick-up/drop-off points may change during the night time. For that reason, we strongly recommend visiting the official website of Athens' bus service.

Furthermore, intercity buses (KTEL buses) connect the airport with the port of Rafina. Twelve routes between the two points operate daily. Tickets are purchased inside the bus and payments are made in cash.
For more information, passengers can call the central bus station at +30 210 88 08 000.


The airport is connected to Athens via metro, too. More specifically, it is the first (or last, depending on the direction) stop of the Blue Line (Line 3): Airport - Dimotiko Theatro. The price of a one-way ticket is 9 EUR.
The travel time from the starting point to the terminal is 59 minutes.
There are signs directing travelers to the metro station from the airport facilities and vice versa.
Download our Metro Map and make your transport in Athens a doddle!

The first itinerary from the Airport to Dimotiko Theatro departs at 06:10 while the last at 23:34.
The first itinerary to the Airport departs from Dimotiko Theatro at 05:30 while the last at 22:55.

The travel time from the starting point to the terminal is 59 minutes. Routes to and from the airport are daily and run every 36 minutes.
Not all routes terminate at the airport. Passengers wishing to take the metro from any metro station in Athens must ensure where each itinerary terminates. To check the metro's final destination, check the digital table on the platforms of the Blue Line stations and on the front of the train.

Suburban railway

Travelers can also use the suburban railway to travel between the Airport, Athens, and Piraeus. Like the Metro, the cost of the ticket is 9 EUR.
The suburban line connects the Airport to Larissa Station in Athens, which is also a station on the Red Metro Line and terminates at the port of Piraeus.
The platform for the suburban railway is located at the same point as the metro's platform.

The first itinerary departs from the Airport to Athens and Piraeus at 06:07 and the last at 22:07.
The first itinerary to the Airport departs from Piraeus at 04:45 and the last at 20:45.
There is a single train departing from Larissa Station at 04:16.

The travel time to Larissa Station is 45 minutes and to Piraeus almost an hour. Routes to/from run every 60 minutes.

Transfers & Taxis

Individuals will find taxis in the dedicated area, which is located at Exit 3 (Arrivals).
However, it is highly recommended to book a transfer service in advance and get in your taxi, minibus, or private VIP vehicle immediately. Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup directly with your hotel or contact a local radio taxi service by calling +30 211 176 8284, +30 210 444 1717, or +30 698 788 8333.

The taxi fare for a drive between the Airport and the city center is priced at 40 EUR (indicative price). The exception is between 00:00 - 05:00 when the night rate applies and prices are higher. The cost of the same drive during these hours is 55 EUR (indicative).

Car rentals

If you have just arrived in Athens by plane and would like to rent a car, you will find some car rental desks on-site.
It is possible, though, to schedule a car rental in advance! It is the best thing you can do if you want to leave the airport conveniently, without deducting precious time from your stay. In addition, owning a vehicle during your holiday allows the exploration of several neighborhoods, beaches, and sights, without time limitations! Note that, when booking in advance, you have the opportunity to select the vehicle that meets your needs the most!
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The distance between the International Airport of Athens and Syntagma Square (city center) is 33 km via Attiki Odos (the toll motorway system of Athens) and 27 km via the highroads, yet the traffic makes the second option more time-consuming. Therefore, many visitors prefer to enter the toll road.

Shuttle Services

Finally, many hotels offer shuttle services to their guests, usually for an additional cost. We suggest contacting your accommodation and asking for more information regarding the service.



Since the Airport of Athens is a very large and up-to-date airport that serves millions of people every month, it is sensible to assume that an array of services is available within its premises.

  • • Six ATM machines appertaining to different banks are available at the Arrivals Area.
  • • A post office is situated in the Arrivals Area.
  • • Five currency exchange desks are situated within the Arrivals and Departures Areas, with over 60 currencies available.
  • Several duty-free shops sell a variety of goods, including local products, spirits, confectionery, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics and tobacco. At the same time, numerous shops for various purposes are situated across the airport.
  • • Many restaurants and cafes allow visitors to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack.
  • • A pharmacy, a fully-equipped First Aid station and automated external defibrillators are part of the infrastructure in order to provide medical care to any passenger who may need it.
  • Free Wi-Fi is offered within the Terminal. Internet kiosks (Access Points) lie throughout the airport, too.
  • Specially designed toilets and care facilities for babies are available across the airport's facilities.
  • • Designated paid parking areas are available outside the building and drivers can book their parking space online in advance. Fourteen charging points for electric vehicles are situated in Short-Term Parking Lot 1. Additionally, a shuttle service transports guests to the Long Term and Economy parking areas.
  • Sofitel Hotel is an opulent accommodation option located adjacent to the airport. This 5-star hotel constitutes the ideal option for early-morning travelers.

For more information, travelers can visit the official website of the Airport of Athens.



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