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In brief, the only way to reach Corfu from the Greek mainland by ferry is to depart from Igoumenitsa. During the high season, some ferries from Italy to Corfu are also available.

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Corfu is the second-largest and northernmost of the Ionian Islands. The island's port that welcomes all ships is located in Corfu Town.
All ferries that start from the Greek mainland leave from Igoumenitsa, a coastal city facing the south part of the island which hosts one of the largest ports in the country.
From the port of Corfu, visitors can also reach the Diapontian Islands (Othoni, Mathraki and Ereikoussa).


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Corfu is a big island with around a hundred thousand permanent inhabitants; thus, crossings from/to the island are available throughout the year. Its port is connected with Igoumenitsa (mainland Greece) and the small islands of Othoni, Mathraki and Ereikoussa, as well as with three regions of Italy, namely Ancona, Bari and Venice.

Important notice: Ferry schedules may vary every year. Most ferry companies announce their official timetables in March. You can find and book all available ferries on our booking engine, as soon as they are officially announced.

From Igoumenitsa

All travelers wanting to reach the island from the mainland need to board a ferry from Igoumenitsa.
Igoumenitsa is located in the western part of Epirus, around 21 km below Albania. The closest airport to the city is the National Airport of Ioannina, situated approximately 80km away.
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• How long is the trip?
The crossing from Igoumenitsa takes 1 hour and 20 minutes on average.

• How much do the tickets cost?
The cost of ferry tickets ranges between 5 EUR and 10.40 EUR.

• What ferries are operating from Igoumenitsa to Corfu?
All routes are operated by conventional ferries belonging to the KerkyraLines and Kerkyra Seaways companies.

> Conventional ferries
A conventional ferry is a large ship that comprises indoor lounges, outdoor spaces and a garage. The interior spaces are air-conditioned and equipped with TVs and canteens.
Strong winds and storms usually don't affect that type of ferry so delays rarely occur.
An additional advantage of those ferries is the garage, which allows passengers to transfer cars and motorbikes.
Price range: €5 - €10.40
Vehicle: €5-€20 (Moto), €20-€41.5 (Car), €59 (Camper Van)

• Indicative Timetables
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  • From Igoumenitsa
  • • 07:00 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 08:30 KerkyraLines (1h30m)
  • • 10:00 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 12:30 KerkyraLines (1h10m)
  • • 15:30 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 18:30 KerkyraLines (1h30m)
  • • 20:30 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • To Igoumenitsa
  • • 06:00 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 08:15 KerkyraLines (1h20m)
  • • 10:30 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 14:00 KerkyraLines (1h10m)
  • • 16:00 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 19:00 Kerkyra Seaways (1h30m)
  • • 21:00 KerkyraLines (1h30m)




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Corfu is a large island with a rich historical background and many natural beauties, offering its guests many things to see and do during their stay. A minimum of 5 days is mandatory to explore the areas sufficiently, so day trips are not very popular among holidaymakers who visit the island for a couple of days.
Despite the fact that Corfu can be characterized as an outlier because of its limited connections with other ports, three low-profile neighbors of the island are ideal for day trips. Those are the Diapontian Islands, a group of tiny islands with a tranquil ambiance and azure waters surrounding them.

  • Othoni: Othoni is the largest of the three islands and the westernmost point of Greece, which lies 80 km away from Corfu. It boasts beautiful beaches, picturesque settlements and traditional hiking paths.
  • Mathraki: Mathraki is the smallest of the island group. It lies 67 km away from Corfu and has lush nature, quaint paths and hamlets, and enchanting beaches.
  • Ereikoussa: Ereikoussa is the most populated among the three and lies 54 km from Corfu. It is endowed with a verdant landscape, two lovely beaches with crystal waters and few settlements.


Travel tips to organize your trip to Corfu:

  • • Ferry tickets are very affordable as Igoumenitsa faces the island.
  • • Booking your ferry tickets in advance is strongly recommended for individuals who plan on visiting the island in July or August.
  • • The Diapontian Islands that are located in Corfu's vicinity constitute ideal excursion destinations for nature lovers and people who seek serenity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ferry port?
Corfu Town hosts the island's port, which serves both passenger and commercial ferries.

How do I get from the port to the beaches?
The public bus (KTEL) network of the island is well organized, allowing transportation to beaches outside the town's limits. Limanakia and Faliraki beaches are enclosed in Corfu Town, while Barbati, Perama, Dassia and Ipsos beaches can also be approached via bus. The starting point of the itinerary you are interested in varies depending on your destination since some areas are served by urban buses and others by suburban ones.
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How do I get from the airport to the port?
The airport of Corfu is located very close to Corfu Town. Bus route No15 transports passengers from the airport to the port and vice versa. The trip is very short, itineraries are frequent during summer and a one-way ticket costs 1.10€. Of course, you can also take a taxi from outside the airport.