Religious holidays in Greece & the islands

It is almost impossible for anyone visiting Greece to leave it without having received this unique feel of religion spreading all over the country. The religious element is really strong here, as it is evident by the many churches and other monuments of this kind.

You can find chapels in every possible point, even on the most unexpected ones! From the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches and the small chapels to the impressive cathedrals and the monasteries, both the countryside and the major cities host many expressions of the Orthodox religion.

The national heritage owes a great part of its richness to those religious monuments, which are also deeply connected to the history of Greece, starting thousands of years ago. The rare icons, the mosaics and the Byzantine wall paintings have a unique effect and constitute an infinite source of research and information. At the same time, they also constitute attractions for sightseeing, since the monasteries and the churches of each tourist destinations are necessarily included and proposed in all Greece travel guides.

For those who are really interested in getting to know the Greek religion, there are special religious holidays scheduled exclusively to meet your needs and spiritual desires. You can choose a tour from Macedonia, mainland to Crete, following the steps of Apostle Paul around Greece, including accommodation, traditional meals and guided visits to historical Christian sites and museums.

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Famous destinations

One of the most popular destination for religious holidays in Greece is Tinos Island, Cyclades. Every year, on the 15th of August, thousands of visitors flow to the island, in order to visit the Church of Evangelistria. This is the most important place of worship in Greece, since it houses the miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary. According to many, the power of that icon has cured a lot of people suffering from diseases or disabilities. Most of the pilgrims come to the church after they or their beloved persons have been healed and they want to give offerings to the Virgin, accomplishing their vows. The sight of the crowds flowing to the church and the strong sense of belief spread over the whole place is really something extraordinary.

Of course, this is not the only one with such a spiritual importance. Two of the religious monuments that Greece boasts for are the Mount Athos (Hagion Oros) and the Meteora in Thessaly. Attracting many visitors every year, both locals and foreigners, they are large complexes of monasteries built on the mountains, with the Mount Athos being the biggest in Greece. In Meteora the buildings of the monasteries are literally hanging on the edge of the steep rocks, creating a beautiful and rare sight!

The Cave of Apocalypse on Patmos Island, where St John wrote the Book of Revelation is also worth seeing, included in religious travel packages and considered as one of the most sacred sites on Greece.

There are also Greece spiritual tours including Byzantine and Early Christian churches and museums of sacred art. They vary from one week to 15-20 days maximum and include visits to the most important and significant sites. From the catacombs to the present day revivals, you have the opportunity to see monuments and museums of Thessaloniki, Kastoria, Arta, Mystras and Athens, as well as contemporary icon workshops. They are Orthodox-themed tours, but all faiths can take part.

Whether you wish to feel the energy on the Cave of the Apocalypse, visit the Meteora stunning Monasteries or exploring Corinth where St. Paul preached the word of God do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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