Epirus Geography

Information about the Geography of Epirus, in Greece: Epirus constitutes the northeastern part of Greece and borders from the east with the Ionian Sea, Macedonia and Thessaly. The geography of Epirus is made up of mountains and abundant waters. The highest point of the region is Mount Smolikas, at an altitude of 2,637 meters above the sea level. The mountain range of Pindus separates Epirus from Macedonia and Thessaly, two other geographical regions of Greece. The surrounding areas of Epirus are characterized for their natural environment, endless lush forests and unique fauna and flora.

The lowlands of Epirus are covering only 3,3% of the entire surface. On the other hand, Epirus is home to Vikos-Aoos and Pindos National Park, in Ioannina Prefecture. Both areas distinguish for their amazing beauty, the rich fauna, and flora. Between the mountains, there are many beautiful settlements. Epirus has many rainfalls during the winter and a great variety of plants grow in the forests and mountains.

Geography in each region

Information about the geography in the regions of Epirus: