Epirus Beaches

Information about the Beaches in Epirus, in Greece but also information about beaches in some locations of the region: The majority of the prefecture of Epirus is mountainous, however the western part borders with the Ionian Sea. In these coasts, there are wonderful Epirus beaches and seaside towns that attract thousands of visitors every summer. Parga and Sivota are the two most popular beach places of Epirus, located in close distance to nice beaches, such as Valtos, Lichnos, and Bella Vraka.

Very popular are also the sandy Epirus beaches close to Preveza, including Ammoudia and Kastrosykia. The close distance of these beach resorts to the port of Igoumenitsa makes them easily accessible to visitors from Italy and the rest of Europe.

Some of the best beaches in Epirus are in Parga: Town beach and Valtos beach in Parga.

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