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Valtos beach of Parga: Valtos beach is found to the west of Parga, down the hill where a Venetian castle was built. It takes just a 20-minute walk to get there from the town and it is also accessible by car, bicycle or boat.
It is considered as one of the best beaches in Greece.

Have in mind that, in summer, there is a water-taxi service from Parga harbor to Valtos, which may result very convenient. Valtos is a large beach with a 3 km long coastline. So no matter how crowded it gets, there is always room for everyone.

It has small, soft pebbles, a lot of greenery in the surrounding area and clear, deep waters. As for the facilities offered, this beach is obviously well-organized and gives the chance to do many different water sports, such as jet-skiing. Valtos beach also offers banana rides, pedalos and canoe rentals to explore the Ionian Sea. If you don't like sports, Valtos is also a nice place to swim, sunbathe and have a relaxing day by the seaside. It is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Although it does not have any nightlife options to offer, walking around in the nightfall, or even early in the morning, is highly recommended. Many taverns and cafes surround Valtos beach and stay open all day. There are also some small hotels and rooms to rent right on the coastline.

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Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna

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