Parga Things to Do

As this is a popular destination, things to do in Parga are many. Swimming in the calm beaches of Parga is a delight. In these beaches, particularly in Valtos and Lichnos, there are many water sports centers with fun games for all ages.

Another enjoyable activity in Parga is hiking, particularly in the springs of Acheron River. Many old footpaths cross the region of Parga and lead to Medieval castles, mountainous villages, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking view. Hiking is best in autumn and spring, when the weather is not so hot. In summer, long hiking can be quiet uncomfortable.

Rafting is also practiced in the river of Acheron. There are companies that organize rafting tours following the river route from the springs to the Ionian Sea. Many watersports centers are also found in the beach of Ammoudia and other beaches between Parga and Preveza.

Discover the things to see in Parga, with the best beaches for swimming. You can also find out our selection of places to eat & drink.