Parga has a developing tourism flow over the recent years but still keeps its traditional charm. Small gift shops sell traditional products and items and give visitors an idea of the pargiotic way of life.

Apart from the alimentary products that are sold, mainly olive oil, soaps and dried herbs, there are shops with great pieces of handmade jewellery, watches, leatherwear, knitwear and embroidery; their prices are quite reasonable and their quality is unique. Good selections of ceramics and silver are also available. You will find most of these shops along the harbor sidewalk.

You can also buy some tasteful alcoholic beverages in Parga. You should try ouzo, distilled in the area, brandy, cherry liqueurs and kum quat, a traditional corfiot liqueur. These drinks are nice gifts to take home. Shops in Parga are usually open all day and gift shops stay open even in Sunday.