Epirus Architecture

Information about the Architecture in Epirus, in Greece but also information about Greek architecture in many locations of the region: The delightful architecture of Epirus is revealed in the numerous villages and towns of the region. The local style of Epirus is common to many of the mountainous regions where the buildings follow the natural landscape. Most of the settlements that were covered the agricultural needs of the locals who built their houses close to their farms. More developed settlements are seen much later, during the Turkish occupation for defensive reasons. The noble houses are usually built around the central squares, and outside the villages, there are urban houses.

The local craftsmen of Epirus used materials like stone and wood for the construction of their houses which are well-maintained to this day in many areas around Epirus. The original houses consisted of one room with a basement to keep the local products and much later the houses were built with two or three floors surrounded by lovely yards. Stunning examples of neoclassical houses and mansions are presented in the authentic settlements of Zagorochoria. Buildings with aristocratic facades and imposing entrances preserve their elegance to this day. Similar architecture can be found in the beautiful town of Parga.

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