Epirus Nightlife

Epirus is a region with few tourist places, therefore summer nightlife in Epirus is mostly restricted. Parga and Sivota are the most popular summer destinations in Epirus with many taverns and lounge cafeterias along the port side. Parga, in particular, has most bars that stay open until the early hours. The region of Preveza also has some night bars due to its sandy beaches.

The most popular winter destination of Epirus is Zagoria. The villages of Zagoria are almost secluded from the rest of the region due to the tall mountains that surround them. They do not have bars or clubs, just some nice traditional taverns to enjoy a long dinner. The closest bars are found in the town of Ioannina, about 1-hour drive from Zagoria.

Discover the Nightlife in each region

Information about the nightlife in the regions of Epirus: