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Information about the local Products of Epirus, in Greece but also information about local products in many locations of the region: The rich gastronomic tradition of Epirus is based on the cultivation of natural products. The traditional recipes vary according to the seasons. The famous dishes of Epirus include delicious meat pies, lamb and pork. Of excellent quality are the vegetarian dishes prepared with the freshest vegetables. Generally, the local Epirus products are mostly agricultural and dairy.

In Epirus, you will find a great variety of fish from the wetlands of Amvrakikos and Sagiada and the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea. The local delicacies of Epirus are characterized by their excellent quality and aromatic features. The aromatic herbs that grow in the region have a strong taste, known also for their extensive use. A visit to Epirus is incomplete unless you taste tsipouro, the local drink.

The traditional workshops scattered in the regions of Epirus reflect on its rich folklore tradition that dates from ancient times. There you will meet many wood-carvers and local craftsmen who are involved in the creation of beautiful jewelry, items of daily use, ceramic pots and other objects to decorate your household or keep them as life souvenirs. Most of the local shops in Epirus were opened by local women who specialize in the art of embroidery.

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