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40 white little picturesque villages, more than 700 churches, and monasteries, immaculate dovecotes and beautiful sandy and pebble beaches are the elements that create the wonderful Tinos island. Still unknown by the majority of foreign tourists, Tinos mostly attracts Greek pilgrims traveling there to see and touch the miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary, that was found in 1822.

The believers take part in the two annual religious pilgrimages, on March 25 and August 15, when the miraculous icon is carried down the harbor over the heads of the faithful.

The pilgrimage in Tinos is equivalent, at a smaller scale, to the one of Lourdes, in France: thousands of Greeks Orthodox believers walk on their knees from the harbor to the church of Panagia Evangelistra to ask for the protection and favors of the Virgin. Tinos is the most important Orthodox place of worship.

The amazing Tinos is not only the island of religious faith but also the island of art: some of the most important Greek artists were born there such as the painters Nikephoros Lytras and Nikolaos Gyzis and sculptors such as Phlilippotis, Voulgaris and Giannoulis Chalepas, the Pheidias of Modern Greece, perpetuate the island tradition in marble-carving until today.

Tinos is a very interesting place to visit. One can enjoy its unspoiled architecture, its picturesque villages, its beautiful beaches and its traditional culture and way of living that is still present. It is the ideal place for lovers of nature, architecture, art, and traditions, and really the perfect answer to these expectations.


23 Reviews
  • fasian32 16 Jan 2011
    Heavenly atmosphere
    My trip to Tinos for the summer holidays turned marvelous. The island is characterized by its beauty, the simplicity of life and its religious symbolism. During my stay the town was throbbing with activity, mainly due to the Greek visitors who arrive here to pay homage to the Holy Virgin Church. Tinos is an island that appreciates the traditional way of life.

    There are various activities to do and plenty of sights to see in the island. Beginning from the Church of Virgin Mary, the Chalepas Museum, the very interesting Ursulines Monastery.

    The next best thing about Tinos is the beaches. I got to Agios Romanos, a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and quiet most of the times. I didn't like Kionia so much because it was very crowded but it is the ideal spot if you are a fun of water sports.

    Had a great time! The wonderful atmosphere of the island was enough for me to feel satisfied and happy.
  • owen 06 Jul 2010
    Great nature and villages
    After a short visit to the main town, we rented a car and drove up the mountainside. We had read in travel guides that the best part of Tinos is the lovely villages in the inland. The view of the harbor and town is quite spectacular from the hillside. After a while, we reached Dio Choria, with the fortified buildings, meandering tunnels, tiny streets, and natural springs. Next, we visited the famous Monastery of Kechrovouni.

    Driving through the inland is fun and interesting, but be careful of the narrow and winding roads.The finest village of Tinos is Pyrgos. It has marble workshops because apparently Pyrgos has tradition in marble working. We visited the house of an old sculptor there. Have a seat at the square and drink traditional coffee under the plane tree. One day driving is enough to see the villages of Tinos. Spend the rest days at the beach. Porto and Kionia are the most beautiful beaches we visited on this island and both have great fish taverns.
  • zazie 23 Feb 2010
    Much windy but lovely
    I found Tinos extremely interesting from a cultural point of view (history, heritage, religion, local tradition). I have visited more than 10 Greek islands but on Tinos I have found the kindest people I ever met. Very nice, kind, easy going inhabitants. This has been a great experience for me and my friends. We book a nice room through Greeka in Kionia, a lovely resort close to the main town. All beaches we visited were great but I don't remember the names.

    Our favourite activities were swimming and going around to visit beautiful churches spred all over the island. Try to talk to the local people. It is a pleasure to talk to them and hear their stories. Have local dishes in the small taverns you meet on the way. Do not hesitate to try new dishes, all are clean and good priced. The only negative point is the wind!! I love the wind but in Tinos it is too much!!
  • shorter 30 Dec 2009
    Choose hotel carefully
    When we visited Tinos last year, we stayed in a lovely hotel in Kionia. It seems that we were lucky to find a nice place to stay, as we were very worried with this issue. Most of our friends who have also been to Tinos were unhappy with their accommodation. They said that the hotel's pictures on the Internet were much different from reality. Anyway, we did find a nice place and the location was what we needed: close to the beach and calm.

    Tinos is famous for the Church of Virgin Mary in Chora that has a sacred icon inside. We went to this church and we were impressed by the way people showed their faith. Others would go on the knees for the port to the church (a fairly long distance, about 20-30 minutes walking), others would cry in front of the icons and others would put golden offerings there to ask for a favour. Greeks are really religious!! Inside the church, there is a small museum with works of local artists. Next to the church, there is a park with statues of monks and politicians.

    Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to explore the island. We intented to rent a car and see the north side, but finally changed our mind and stayed in the south to relax. The best beaches (of what I've seen) is Porto, Kionia and Agios Romanos. All have great taverns ashore.

    We stayed only for three days in Tinos and then hopped to our beloved Mykonos, but a couple more days would be great to see the other villages.
  • alexa23 11 Nov 2009
    Sacred and beautiful
    Most Greeks know Tinos from the Church of Virgin Mary. Every 15 of August, Tinos becomes the center of Greece, with thousands of people visiting this church. To visit and see the sacred icon you have to wait a long queue, even when it's not August, 15. This was the reason we first visited Tinos. My sister had made a promise to Lady Mary to go there some years ago, and so we did. On our second trip there, this summer, we focused to the other places that Tinos has to provide, apart from churches and we discovered a truly beautiful island.

    What we loved in Tinos were the calm, no tourist places. The village Agapi, in Greek this mean Love. Beautiful village, with some running waters nearby and green strands. Also go to the villages Dio Choria and Pyrgos are called the balconies of Tinos, because of their view. The village Kalloni is also nice, traditional, clean, on a green hill and a smell of flowers follows you while walking in the small streets. The most quiet and honestly... amazing beach we found was Livada. Not that big beach, not known much, with light blue, clean water, a really stunning place. On your way there, you will see a nice lake with ducks and a small tavern nearby. Food was also good.
  • iliasgekk 23 Oct 2009
    Get a religious aspect of life
    Try to visit Tinos island on a daytrip from Athens or for a few days (but not during 15th of August, you will not find even a chair to seat!!- it's the celebration of the Church of the Panagia Evangelistria there) since if you are keen on nightlife and cosmopolitan way of life, it will disappoint you a little bit!

    Nevertheless, Tinos is a remarkable beautiful island with so many windmills all round and the locals are really helpful and ready to explain all that you need to know to understand their culture! Both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic populations co-exist because of the Panagia Evangelistria church, with its reputedly miraculous icon of Virgin Mary makes many pilgrims run their way the 800 metres from the ferry wharf to the church on their hands and knees as sign of devotion. That really made me to shudder and revalue my thoughs and way of life! Relax then with a cup of Greek hot cofee and homemade cherry spoon sweet and enjoy the fascinating view of Aegean sea.
  • michelabernabei 24 Jun 2009
    So sweet
    We spent 10 days in Tinos last August, beautiful holiday, beautiful island.
    But not for all.
    Tinos is different from other cyclades.
    Have wonderful little villages, so white, rocky landscapes, much wind and Chora is a town full of restauants, cafes, shops and pilgrims.
    Don't go to Tinos if you want night life, but if you need beautiful beaches, quite villages and very nice and friendly people and animals (a donkey wait for you every day near an old windmill)... go!
    We stayed to Myrtia Studios in Kionia, perfect place, every confort, incredible sea view!
    Our favorite beachs were Livada, Kolymbitra and Panormos!
    We love Tinos so much!
  • matina22 20 Jun 2009
    Certainly not for clubbing
    We stayed only three days in Tinos so we didn't see much except from Chora and a couple of beaches. It was a lovely island but very quiet for young people. We were mostly attracted to Tinosbecause it looked to have nice beaches, but when we got there we saw that it had no nightlife. So, after three days of swimming (what else to do?), one warm morning we headed off to Mykonos. Only an hour away and still so different.

    Learn from our experience: if you are dying for clubbing, do not even consider Tinos. This is an island for older people I think who are looking for calmness and comfortable hotels. Top things to visit on Tinos are the church of Lady Mary close to the port and the beach of Agios Ioannis Porto. I didn't see the rest of the island, but if you want to do so, better rent a motorbike or an ATV. Buses are not frequent even to popular places.
  • ben67 27 Apr 2009
    Still very Greek
    Tinos is still a very Greek island. Even in high tourism, it remains untouched by mass tourism. We were there in July, which is peak season for Greece, and though found many places to relax and enjoy some quiet. As the locals told us, most people go to Tinos on middle August, because on August 15th, there is a big celebration for Virgin Mary, the protector of the island, whose church is thought to be miracle working.

    You will find some clean and nice beaches on Tinos. Most hotels are built around these beaches. Be careful when booking hotels through the Internet because most of them say to have facilities that they actually don't have. The hotel we went to first was a rip off 70 euros a night and had very bad rooms and bad service. It had ages to get a renovation. When I sat on the bed, I went right through. As you understood, next day we left at sunrise. Didn't sleep at all there. Unlike hotels, restaurants on Tinos are great. Never had a bad meal, altough some waiters don't speak good English, but this is a characteristic of most Greek islands.
  • alexser 20 Feb 2009
    Use gestures with waiters
    In Tinos, I loved the small restaurants by the beach. You could always find a delicious dish and a welcoming onwer there. Local wine was excellent. Most waiters were friendly (except a sad exception in a restaurant in Chora) but they would speak only Greek. If you were lucky, you could find a waiter speaking some English, but don't ask for other languages. Most communication will be done with gestures. Prices are normal.
  • katerina23 20 Dec 2008
    Natural and unspoilt
    We went to Tinos because we wanted to visit the church of Evangelistria. The rest of the island though was very beautiful, with good beaches (Kolimbithra, Panormos, Kionia, Agios Fokas the best) and picturseque villages, mostly Volax and Pyrgos. In Pyrgos, we wanted to visit the Museum of Chalepas, but unfortunately it was closed. In general, Tinos is very natural and unspoilt. I am happy that tourists haven't destroyed its beauty.
  • glenta45 07 Oct 2008
    Swim and go trekking
    Tinos is a fantastic island if you want peace and quiet and love exploring areas of natural beauty. If you like shopping or clubbing, you will get bored to tears! It's good to know that there's still a Greek Island that hasn't been overrun by tourism. Beaches are great and very clean. The menus at restaurants were the same as in every other restaurants, not much variety. Restaurants in the centre of Tinos are reasonably priced. What the island needs is a good bus service, which would make a big difference. It's hard to get around unless you hire a car. Tinos is also great for hikers, amazing landscapes to walk and relax.
  • lizaster 13 May 2008
    Pachia Ammos is the best beach
    Tinos is not an island to have crazy nightlife but to enjoy swimming. It has a lot of nice beaches and the best is Pachia Ammos. Tinos is mostly an island for families with young children. Pyrgo is village was my favorite and I also enjoyed nice meals on Tinos. Do not expect glamourous restaurants, just some traditional taverns.
  • katerina23 02 Apr 2008
    Visit Panagia Megalochari
    Tinos is mostly known among Greeks for the church of Panagia Megalochari. It is an impressive church but sometimes it gets quite difficult to pilgrimage. There is a long queue, especially in the weekends, so try to go on weekdays and save your weekends to visit the villages and the beaches of Tinos. I think the most picturesque villages are Triantaro and Arnado, while the best beaches are Agia Kyriaki and Porto. The food is tasty and the traditional character of the island is shown both in the local cuisine and the architecture of the houses. In general, Tinos is an excellent island combining quiet family holidays and many nightlife options.
  • Alberto_Scarp 20 Dec 2007
    Tinos is not at the top of my list
    Our accomodation was excellent and the island busy and interesting, you can see an island independent from tourism, with its life. Otherwise the beaches are not the best you can find in the Cyclades. Food was in general good, but I expected something more. Something in Tinos remembered me Amorgos, but a dont think to reach again. There are so many islands... some I visited twice or three times, Tinos is not, after all, at the top of my list.
  • mail 29 Nov 2007
    This Islands is at the moment my most favourite one.
    Long walks, wonderfull beaches, nice people,good food and not so far from Athens.
  • STELLA_V 24 Oct 2007
    Nice to relax and enjoy the Aegean Sea
    Besides the historic church which is a must visit, the inland villages of Tinos are superb -especially Volax, Ktikados and Pyrgos. Not much of variety of beaches (the best ones were in Kolympithra, Agios Ioannis, and Isternia) but more than nice to relax and enjoy the Aegean Sea having as a view Myconos or Syros. Kaktos Bar above the town offered wonderful view. Definately eat at the inland villages; the food is exceptional and cheap. Local dishes as the tiniako cheese and louiza smoked ham are the best! Of course the usual greek dishes are tasty, too.
  • rtropf 07 Aug 2007
    Tinos is a matter of taste
    Tinos Island is a barren rock. The two days I spent there the islands was subject to terrible winds that drove stinging sand into my skin. The water was beautiful, the beach is rocky and if you want to use the beach chairs you'll have to pay a fee. The Tinos Beach Hotel was nice enough, but it's a mile and a half from the main town and when the bus stops running it's either a taxi or walk back. Tinos is known as the religious island, and if you tell Greek people you're vacationing on Tinos they'll look at you strangely. Pilgrims crawl on their knees up a long, carpeted street to the main church. There are no major ruins or museums, and if you want to visit Delos Island you need to take a ferry to Mykonos first. Delos is NOT open Mondays and the last excursion boat leaves at 11:00 AM.
  • M_Eracleous 20 May 2007
    Tinos religious festival
    Hello, I'm Michael Eracleous and I'm British. I'm 65 years old and I've visited up to 5 countries. The last one was Greece, and the island of Tinos. My company and I arrived on the island by plane with Easy-jet and then by boat. The trip was very good with no delays.
    The reason we visited Tinos was a religious festival that was taking place. Before we got there, we had a good idea of what to expect in terms of landscape and villages. It was even better than that. The villages were absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the whole island was very nice.
    The only thing we could say didn’t please us, was the food at our accommodation that was limited in choice and not very good in quality. Also we would prefer more activities for younger children such as games, playroom etc.
    Also, it would be nice, if the public transportation was arranged such as a regular bus service.
    Our tip for future visitors is to make sure that your resort has all the activities you are looking for as the island and town does not offer many activities or clubs.
  • kzar99 27 Feb 2007
    Nice beaches and kind people
    Nationality: Italian
    Age: 34
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane with Alitalia and by boat with Speed Boat. The trip was very good with no delays. Kind crew
    Reasons for going to Tinos: Easy to reach from Athens and well linked to other islands I wanted to reach later
    Idea about Tinos before arriving: Nice beaches not crowded, amazing landscapes, kind people, easy to live, good food, fine weather
    - Island/Area : 8/10
    - Landscapes : 8/10
    - Tree Covered : 4/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 8/10
    - Cleanliness : 10/10
    - Villages : 8/10
    - Main Town : 8/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 10/10
    - Local People : 10/10
    - Accommodations : 10/10
    - Activities : 8/10
    - Excursions : 10/10
    - Sightseeing : 10/10
    - Prices : 10/10
    - Authenticity : 10/10
    - Peace and quiet : 10/10
    - Weather : 10/10
    Best Beaches: Kalyvia beach
    Best Activity: Relaxing on the beach
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: Bar with marble stairs in the main street of Tinos
    Anything negative about Tinos island or needs improvement: It is a beutiful place keep it clean.
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10.
  • Pavlina_K 12 Dec 2006
    Many beautiful mountain villages
    Nationality: British

    Age: 36

    Countries visited: 5-10The Trip: I arrived on Tinos island by Plane with Olympic Airways and by boat with the Blue Star Super Ferry 2. The trip was very good with no delays. First class travel was not expensive at all but very comfortable

    Reasons for going to Tinos: It was the only place left with accommodation for August - we booked very late

    Idea before arriving: I had heard about Tinos only in relation to the Catholic festival held on the 15th August when many people flock here on a pilgrimage. I was worried it might cater mainly for the older generation but I expected it to be unspoilt and quite traditional

    Favorite things about Tinos:

    -Best Beaches: Agios Fokas - didn't visit any others

    -Best Villages: Many beautiful mountain villages

    -Best Activity: Swimming

    Recommendations for future visitors to Tinos:

    The beautiful Catholic Church at the top of Tinos Church is worth a visit but check opening times - when we went it was closed to visitors. Also take the time to visit mountain villages

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries

  • carry 31 Jul 2006
    No beaches but incredible villages
    Date on the island: 07.2006

    Countries visited: 15-30

    The trip: We want to Tinos by boat from Piraeus with Blue Star ferries. The boat?s name is Ithaki. The trip was good without any delay.

    Idea before arriving: Didn?t know much about the island. Just knew that beaches was not a reason for going there and that the villages were extraordinary.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expectations. It is a great island.

    - Island/Area : 8

    - Landscapes : 8

    - Tree Covered : 8

    - Beaches and Waters : 8

    - Cleanliness : 8

    - Villages : 8

    - Main Town : 8

    - Food/Restaurants : 8

    - Nightlife : 6

    - Local People : 8

    - Accommodations : 10

    - Activities : 2

    - Excursions :

    - Sightseeing :

    - Prices : 6

    - Public Transportations : 9

    - Authenticity :

    - Peace and quiet : 10

    - Weather : 6.

    Favorite thing about Tinos: Really great island for those you like to take pictures of authentic places, villages and people.

    Negative opinion: Water sports are missing and activities for younger people.

    Recommendations: Be aware! This is not a party island or an island with great beaches and tourism. It is a quiet but extremely beautiful island. The first sight of the island (the port) is really disappointing but once you get out of the main town and go in the village then you will not regret the trip.

    Yes, I would like to go back to Tinos. Because I loved it and because I would like to show to my friends the authenticity of the Greek Islands..

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10
  • rudolph-mano 27 Sep 2005
    Beautiful and strong experience
    I knew that Tinos was famous for its church which is supposed to have a miraculous icon and where, the 15th of August, thousands of pilgrims where going to show their respect and ask for favours to the Virgin Mary.

    So I went to Tinos from the 13th to the 20th of August so I can live this particular ambience. I didn?t regret it: it was strange, beautiful and mad; thousands of people were walking very slowly to the huge church, and some of them were dragging themselves on their knees from the port to the church.

    It was a really strong and impressive experience for me. I also visited some attractive beaches (with soft sand and clear waters) and some traditional villages where I had the chance to see local sculptors working the marble and creating wonderful marble carvings.

    Tinos was really a great experience for me and a chance to feel the traditional way of life of the island and of the country and to see and live some things which tend to disappear.