Museums in Tinos

Tinos is an island with strong religious and cultural identity, famous among the spiritual people and the pilgrims. It spans a rich history that begins from the prehistoric times. In the Archaeological Museum of Tinos' visitors can view a wide collection with ancient findings like vessels and household items from the 5th century BC. The museum lies close to the famous church of the Virgin Mary and the most important pieces come from the ancient temples of Demeter and Poseidon.

Tinos is the birthplace of many Greek marble sculpture artists whose works can be viewed in the Museum of Marble Crafts, in the village of Pyrgos. Apart from the fine exhibits, it also presents the history of marble from the antiquity to the modern times. Giannoulis Chalepas is the most famous sculptor in Tinos, renowned worldwide for his work. The museum features his personal belongings and a lavish collection of statues and smaller works.

Right next to the church in Arnados village lies an ecclesiastical museum that consists of icons, rare frescoes, and vestments. It operates for more than 25 years. Of great interest is the Museum of Tinian Artists located within the premises of the church of Evangelistria, in Chora highlighting the work of the local sculptors. On a similar theme is the Art Gallery, another exhibition that is worth seeing once you have visited the church.