Tinos Festivals & Cultural Events

Tinos is an island that maintains its old-age customs and traditions to this day. Visitors will enjoy a glorious welcome at the local feasts organized in the island throughout the year including eating, drinking, and dancing. Tinos is mostly famous for its churches and monasteries and saints are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
On the 15th of August, the feast day of Virgin Mary attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors from all many parts of Greece. The feast lasts for two days including various ceremonies in the glorious church of Panagia Megalochari and a litany of the miraculous icon which is accompanied by the marching bands of Tinos. This is a very large celebration as the Virgin Mary of Tinos is considered the protector of all Greece.

July 23rd
On the 23rd of July, Tinos celebrates the feast day of Agia Pelagia. It is an important feast where the icon is taken to the Monastery of Kehrovouniou. Visitors and nuns arrive to honor the icon before it is back to the church where it was found.

March 25th
On 25th of March, the Annunciation of Holy Virgin at Chora. The feast is organized by the Church of Evagelistria with litanies and church services which are combined with the patriotic celebrations for the National Anniversary. After the litany of the icon, there are traditional dances and delicacies treats served to the people.

Cultural events

Tinos Jazz Festival
The first Jazz music festival on Tinos was organized by and held at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos in 2009, as the “Tinos Jazz Festival”. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, musicians, volunteers, and friends of jazz and of course the personal input of the festival’s artistic director George Kontrafouris and his associates, the festival quickly established itself as a major event in the Aegean.

Tinos World Music Festival
The Tinos World Music Festival was founded in 2013 by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos (I.TI.P.), aiming to include the island of Tinos in a broader intercultural network and to become the meeting point for significant musicians from the Balkans and the East Mediterranean.

Tinos Festival
Tinos Festival is held during the months of July, August, and September and consists of interesting events that will surely attract all visitors. The festival takes place in many villages and in Chora. From music concerts to theatrical plays and book fairs, the is ideal for all ages.

Revival of Trawl
The Revival of Trawl is one of the best-known events organized in the village of Kionia where visitors gather at the beach and fish for hours. Wine and food are served.