Ancient Akrotiri and wine tour

Duration: 5 hours
Depart: Santorini > Fira
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General Description

Take this 6-hour historical and wine tour around Santorini, guided by an English-speaking archaeologist and an expert sommelier. This small group tour with max 8 members includes a visit to the ancient site of Minoan Akrotiri and to three traditional wineries on the island.

Minoan Akrotiri
Explore the fascinating history of Santorini on this guided tour around the site of Minoan Akrotiri, a prehistoric town with very developed facilities for its time, including a sewage system, paved streets, and multi-story buildings. This town even had a close port, which means that the inhabitants used to occupy with trade.

When it was excavated in 1967, it was found almost intact and buried under huge layers of volcanic ash. This led scientists to believe that the town was destroyed by the large volcanic eruption of Thera around 1,600 BC. Many people speculate that Akrotiri could be the lost town of Atlantis, the mythical place that vanished in one day and night, as it is described by the Greek philosopher Plato.

The island of Santorini has a rich tradition in viticulture and wine making. The volcanic elements of the soil and the dry climate give a special taste to the wine of Santorini, which has gradually become famous and recognizable around the world. On this wine tour, we visit three famous wineries on the island: Boutari winery, Gavalas or Venetsanos winery, and Gaia or Karamolegos winery.

There we can walk the vineyards, visit the cellars and learn about the winemaking process from grape to wine. A mini wine-tasting tutorial of Greek wines shall follow and we will have the chance to taste 12 different varieties of Santorini, such as Assyrtiko, Nychteri, and the famous Vinsanto wine. From a wonderful winery on the caldera cliffs, we will also watch the famous Santorini sunset.

This tour includes pick up and drop off at all Santorini hotels/locations. Th transfer is included in the price.

This is a small group tour of max 8 and min 2 participants. Only one adult cannot book this tour. Children (people less than 17 years old) are NOT allowed to participate in the tour.

The wineries we visit might change, depending on the decision of the wine guide.

Ancient Akrotiri and wine tour