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General information

Danakos in Naxos is a mountain village on the eastern side of the island, at a distance of 25 km from Chora. It has around 100 permanent residents and is one of Naxos' oldest settlements.

There are two versions of how Danakos got its name. According to the first, the Danaans used to inhabit the place. According to the second, the name originated from the ancient Greek word for reed (danaks). In old times, craftsmen made reed items and supplied people throughout Naxos with them.

Danakos is situated between two mountain slopes. Water abundance helps people cultivate figs, citrus fruit, and plums.

The village's church is Zoodochos Pigi, which translates into "Lifegiving Source" and comprises a common designation of the Virgin Mary in Greek Orthodox Christianity. The Monastery of Christ Fotodotis is located in proximity to the village, too.

On of the hiking path to Mont Zas starts in the area, at the chuch of Agia Marina. From there, you can also visit the beautiful Fotodotis Monastery, accessible by foot or car.

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1 Review
  • ablutsauger 08 Dec 2015
    The best thing ever
    Do it, do it and do it!
    Sneakers, sweatpants and do it!
    It is worth every drop of sweat!
    When you get to the top of the mountain and see complete Naxos around you, and sea surrounding you, you will cry!
    Please, be aware that this is not for kids. After the cave (which is nice, btw, but you don't have any light inside, so bring flashlights with you; this is not a maintained cave), you practically won't have any paths, but a lot of slippery rocks on a steep surface. It requires skill, balance and being fit.
    For those who never did trekking and so on, follow the red circles/dots/signs which you'll have here and there, hardly visible, but they will show you your way.
    Wonderful experience!