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Kaloxylos in Naxos (or Kaloksilos) is a beautiful little village located in the valley of Tragea, next to the famous village of Halki.
It is surrounded by a natural lush green landscape that consists of wild trees, olive groves, and vineyards.

Kaloxylos has maintained a low profile and that's exactly where all of its beauty lies.
The residents have preserved the settlement's Cycladic beauty, including its picturesque alleys and little white houses decorated with various colorful flowers.

The marvelous Agia Triada church looms at the center of the hamlet. One can notice an angel on its iconostasis; it was created by Yannoulis Halepas, one of the most renowned and remarkable Greek sculptors.

During your wandering, you may encounter an old ice cream cart. Adjacent to that lies the Folklore Museum of Kaloxylos, which operates under the auspices of UNESCO. Mr. Florios Chorianopoulos dedicated 20 years of his life to collecting valuable items from across the island relating to the customs, history, and culture of Naxos. He will be your tour guide for as long as you stay in the museum and educate you on the exhibits.

In addition, an old olive press is housed in a restored building and comprises a regional gem. There, visitors can admire tools that were used for olive processing and production as well as a generator that supplied the nearby villages with electricity.

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