Naxos Panagia Aperathitissa

Location: Apiranthos

The serene, whitewashed and built with impressive marble pieces orthodox church jewels the entrance of Naxian Apeiranthos village. The small, mountainous settlement stands in the north-eastern part of the island and houses the Panagia Aperathitissa church since 1819. It is said that the church was a result of an icon of Virgin Mary miraculously retrieved by a shepherd back in the day and in an extraordinary manner indicated the exact location for it to be constructed.

The triple bell tower atop the structure is entirely made of white marble, a trait shared with the temple’s altar screen and various other carved details. The religious icons decorating the church’s interior have been created with great care and artistic detail. Additionally, the structure houses the Naxian Natural History Museum, an interesting feature that can be explored.

The church gets quite busy in summertime due to several local and religious celebrations, with the top one incontestably being the 15th of August when the Assumption of Virgin Mary is honored. The stone-paved yard can accommodate a significant number of people and is a tranquil place to rest and enjoy a day under the sun.

Map Of Panagia Aperathitissa

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