Naxos Necropolis

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Location: Tsikalario

The Ancient Necropolis (cemetery) is located in the area of Alonakia near the village of Tsikalario in central Naxos.
The necropolis was used until the Late Archaic - Early Classical period, mainly used during the Geometric period. The site was excavated in the 1960s by archaeologists F. Zafeiropoulou and C. Doumas.

In the necropolis of Tsikalario, many interesting archaeological findings have been discovered. Those include circular tombs, pottery, jewelry, and lances. All items are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.

The ceramic material from the cemetery of Tsikalario constitutes the larger category of finds discovered to date in the area. A sum of 385 ceramic finds has been recorded, of which the vast majority are vases, while figurines, beads, and textile weights have also been unearthed.

In proximity to the Necropolis of Tsikalario, lies an ancient, upright-standing stone known as Menhir that is considered evidence of the pre-historic presence of people in the area.

How to get there

The Ancient Necropolis is located in Tsikalario Village.

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