Naxos Festivals & Cultural Events

Naxos Festivals
Festivals and cultural events of Naxos

Naxos island, being the largest island of Cyclades counts on plenty of religious festivals which are known since antiquity. Once a year the villages and settlements of Naxos celebrate their patron saints with traditional dances and music, local delights and wine served to the people. In the past, feasts were usually held in the countryside but today locals organize these celebrations at the central spots of the island so that everyone can take part in such a celebration.

Religious feasts & festivals

20th of May

On 20th May, the feast day of Ag­ios Thalaleos is celebrated in Agios Thalaleos village.

7th of July

On 7th July, the feast day of Agia Kyriaki is celebrated in Potamia village.

8th of July

On 8th July, the feast day of Ag­ios Prokopios is celebrated in Agios Prokopis village.

29th of June

On the 29th of June is the feast day of Agioi Apostoloi which is celebrated with a three-day festival in Melanes village.

14th of July

On 14th of July, locals celebrate the patron saint of Naxos, Agios Nikodeimos Agioritis feast. Celebrations take place mainly in Chora and after the church ceremonies a procession of the icon starts throughout the streets of the capital followed by a lively feast with food and drinks.

17th of July

On the 17th of July, there is a festival in Koronos village dedicated to Agia Marina.

25th of July

On 25th July, the feast day of Agia Anna is celebrated in Agia Anna village.

27th of July

On 27th July, the feast day of Agios Panteleimon is celebrated in Ag­ersani village.

6th of August

On 6th August, the feast day of the Transfiguration of Jesus the Saviour in is celebrated in the villages of Glinado, Damarionas and Kourounochori.

15th of August

On the 15th of August, the feast day of Virgin Mary, where great feasts occur in the villages and capital of Naxos but the best-known festival takes place in Filoti, at the 200 years old church Panagia Fiiotissa as well as in Apiranthos were dancings take place in the afternoon. Hundreds of people arrive to honour the icon of the Holy Virgin.

23th of August

On 23th August, the feast day of the Holy Virgin’s no­vena is celebrated in Tripodes village.

29th of August

On 29th August, one of the feast days of Agios Ioannis is celebrated in the villages of Apiranthos, Apollonas and Agersani.

8th of September

On 8th September, the feast day of Panagia Theoskepasti is celebrated in the villages of Komiaki and Potamia.

Panagia Agrokiliotissa

The feast of Panagia Agrokiliotissa takes place on Holy Friday, before Easter at Koronos village. It is known as the most important feast of Naxos where pilrims worship the miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin. Locals celebrate with wine, delicacies and dances.

Cultural events

Axia Music Festival

The Axia Music Festival is a lovely event organized annually in Halki. It is highly appreciated by the lovers of classical music and those who are interested to gear some poetry. The festival hosts excellent musicians to make your nights in Naxos even more romantic.

Dionysia Festival

Dionysia is one of the best-known festivals scheduled in Naxos including concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and a plethora of other events which are crowned with the wine feast, in honor of God Dionysus. The festival is held during the first weekend of September.

Bazeos Festival

The Naxos Summer Festival is hosted in Bazeos Tower for more than 20 years now and features excellent perfomers from all art fields, from Greece and other countries.

Rakee Distillery Festival

The Rakee Distillery Festival is also organized in September, as rakee and kitron are the traditional drinks of Naxos.

There have been efforts by the local authorities and volunteers of Naxos to revive the old customs such as the Carnival of Naxos. One of the old customs which still occur in the island is Klidonas Custom which is also met in other Cycladic islands.

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