Naxos Festival in Bazeos Tower

Naxos Festival in Bazeos Tower: Naxos Festival originally started in summer 2001 and takes place in the restored Bazeos Tower in the center of the island. The aim of the festival is to promote the local character through cultural events, musical concerts, and art exhibitions and also to encourage the interaction between national and international cultures. Organized every summer from July to September, Naxos Festival attracts important artistic and scientific figures from the entire world. Apart from cultural events, it also organizes lectures, workshops, and seminars on various issues.

Bazeos Tower, where the festival takes place, was constructed around 1600. Originally and until the 19th century, it was functioning as a monastery of the Holy Cross. When the monastery was abandoned, the tower became the property of the Greek State. For many years, it served as residences and workshops of ceramists, but in the late 19th century it was bought by the Bazeos Family. In the late 20th century, the tower was restored to house this cultural venue.