Naxos Raki Festival

The Rakee Distillation Custom in Naxos: One of the most noteworthy events that take place on Naxos island is the Rakee Distillation, which is celebrated annually in late October or November across the island. It is also known as the Rakitzo festival.

Rakee is produced from fermented and distilled grapes. The grape harvesting process takes place until the middle of September. Just at the later period of this month, the process is completed, and the villagers gather to take part in the Rakee Production. The distillation process is accompanied by feasts for the people from all the villages of Naxos. Once the first distillate is ready, people also take part in its drinking, regarded as a custom in the Rakitzo festival. Specialties made by the women and offered to the people accompany the beverage.