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General information

Merchia Beach in Mykonos is located in the northeast part of Mykonos, 8 km away from Ano Mera Village. The beach is situated in a small bay and is ideal for travelers seeking the alternative side of Mykonos. It offers tranquility and seclusion from the crowds who visit the Cycladic island for its endless parties and extreme events.

Merchia Beach has a small, sandy coast with a few pebbles and clear blue waters, surrounded by little vegetation and a few picturesque houses mainly belonging to fishermen. No umbrellas or sunbeds are available, although you will find some salt cedars that offer shade if you haven't brought your umbrella, especially during the hot summer days. In addition, given that the place is secluded, with no taverns, restaurants, or snack bars around, it is recommended to have water and food with you. However, keep in mind that access to Merchia is a bit difficult because you have to cross a dirt road to get to the beach; it is totally worth it, though.

Moreover, within a short distance from the beach is the small chapel of Saint Nicholas, built on the rocks right by the sea. In addition to the church, a lot of luxurious villas and residences for rent lie close to Merchia, but if you are interested in making a reservation during the high season (July-August), you will have to arrange your booking several months in advance due to high demand. Last but not least, visiting Merchia can be combined with excursions to other beaches in the northeast tip of Mykonos, such as Fokos and Mersini.

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1 Review
  • Tom Kalas 21 Aug 2021
    Secret garden

    Infallible indomitable flawless divine secret garden. The ultimum refugium of a persistent traveller. Hellas Aegean Sea n Sky. Where the world n people cannot hurt you… A place to feel. A moment to pray. Dive in these waters n swim …