Milos Rivari Lagoon

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Location: Rivari

Located between the picturesque village of Emporios and Fatourena Beach, Rivari Lagoon hosts some exclusive views and traits across the island of Milos.

Rivari is a naturally-formed sea lagoon that attracts a plethora of migrating birds, acting as a refuge throughout the year. Its interesting low vegetation creates beautiful color combinations, whilst an uphill church and a two-floor building on the very edge of the lagoon serve as its only buildings! Plus, deserted boats can be found all along the lagoon.

The lagoon features the small-area sandy Rivari Beach, an unorganized seashore with a rock-filled seabed. Rivari’s unique location makes it a great destination for a photography exhibition, though access to the Rivari Lagoon and Rivari Beach is through a rough dirt road, so be well prepared!



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