Milos Archaeological Site of Phylakopi

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Location: Phylakopi

Located on the northern coast of the island, the Archaeological Site of Phylakopi in Milos was one of the major Cycladic settlements of the Bronze Age and is now an archaeological site. What makes it so important is its continuity and presence throughout the Bronze Age, being inhabited from 3000 BC to 1100 BC. It was first discovered in 1986, and many excavations followed in order to uncover fascinating artifacts and the overall history of the site.

The settlement of Phylakopi can be split between three eras. Not much is known about the first one, while it seems like it flourished during the second. Milos is rich in obsidian, which was used for making sturdy tools. By mining and exporting it, Phylakopi managed to become a commercial and cultural center of the times. Eventually, the town was destroyed, possibly due to an earthquake, and rebuilt again, marking the start of the third era.

It is probable that in ancient times, the morphology of the island was very different, so by now, the site has suffered a great level of erosion because of the sea. However, parts of buildings and other ruins remain visible in the area. A large protective wall created by stones of volcanic nature still stands in some places, while there are indications that a sanctuary and a megaron were present by observing the layout of the buildings. Additionally, the spots where houses were situated, as well as the roads between them, have been preserved.

The most important artifacts coming from Phylakopi are its ceramics, showcasing red, white, and black colors. The Lady of Phylakopi is the most famous one, now located in the archaeological museum of Milos. The ceramics also highlight the influence Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations had on the settlement, as their style changed based on the era and the trading partners. Other relics that have been discovered include clay figurines (eidolia), murals, and a golden mask.

The archaeological site is open every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30 to 15:30. Full price ticket costs 3€, while the reduced one is 2€.



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