Milos Chapel of Agia Paraskevi

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Location: Pollonia

The Chapel of Agia Paraskevi in Milos is located in the village of Pollonia on the northeastern part of the island. It has been constructed many times after having been destroyed again and again, the last time during World War II. It was built in 1952 and has been preserved in its current form.

It is said that it is dedicated to Saint Paraskevi because one of its founders brought an icon of her with his boat he used to move construction materials. Additionally, Saint Barbara, the protector of miners, is also celebrated there, as mining is very important to the area.

The chapel follows the traditional Cycladic architecture, where white and blue colors are prominent. On the interior, the artworks and decorations date to the most recent reconstruction of the church, while on the outside, visitors have the opportunity to admire a marble monument dedicated to the fallen. Furthermore, a few small rooms have been created to host the personnel of the temple.



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