You will find below our selection of the best hotels on Kythnos island but also the best locations for your stay!

On a quick note, most hotels are located in Chora, the capital of the island, in Merichas (the port), and in Loutra and Kanala, which are tourist seaside settlements. Some hotels and villas are located at some remote beaches and settlements, offering peace, nice views, and privacy.

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Below, you will discover more information about the best locations for your hotel in Kythnos.


Our recommendations:
Porto Klaras

Staying in Loutra is one of the most popular options on the island. This village is located in the Northeast part of the island, 12 km away from the port and 5 km away from Chora.
The village was one of the first to develop touristically due to its thermal springs. There is an indoor spring that remains temporarily closed and an outdoor spring on the beach that is accessible to the public.
The settlement of Loutra has a sandy beach, a popular marina where sailing boats and yachts anchor, and some delicious fish taverns and hotels. Also, the picturesque beach of Agia Irini is less than 2 km away.
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Our recommendations:
Chora Kythnos Suites

Chora is the Capital of Kythnos and the centre of life on the island. It is located on the mainland, 7 kilometers away from the port.
It has beautiful architecture with whitewashed houses and small paved alleys.
There are many restaurants, local taverns, and bars. Hotels in Chora are located within the old quarter or are new structures that are built in the surrounding area.
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Our recommendations:

Merichas is the port of Kythnos. It is a quaint town built amphitheatrically with many shops, hotels, and restaurants. There is a beach and a marina with boats that you can rent and discover the surrounding beaches. Also, boat tours to Kolona start from this point. The beaches of Martinakia, Episkopi, and Apokrousi are also very close.
Generally, it is a convenient place to stay if you are traveling without a car in Kythnos since you can take the bus and remain close to popular attractions.
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Kythnos is a small island that belongs to the Cyclades. It is located south of Kea and north of Serifos and is part of the Western Cyclades.
The ferry ride from Athens is 1 hour and 40 minutes from Lavrion port.
Its proximity to the Greek Capital has made Kythnos an ideal weekend getaway for the Athenians, especially during Spring and the shoulder seasons (May-June and September). July and August are the busiest months on the island.

Despite its short distance to Athens, Kythnos has only started developing touristically in recent years and has maintained an authentic character. Chora and Driopida are two villages with lovely traditional architecture, stone-built houses, and white paved alleys. The island counts 99 beaches with many of them remaining completely unspoiled. Ιts most famous beach and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece is Kolona, a thin strip of land separating two beaches.

Many hotels are located in the villages of Merichas, Chora, Loutra, and Kanala. You will also find hotels in numerous other places since they are scattered in different locations on the island. The majority of them are small, family-run units, rooms-to-let, and apartments. They are either new or recently renovated structures and consist of well-equipped rooms, a small kitchenette, and a terrasse offering a beautiful sea view. If you are looking for a lavish stay, you will find a few luxury options which are mainly small suites and villas. Also, due to the big number of beaches, you will find many hotels on the beach or within a short walking distance. If you visit Kythnos without a car, then book your hotel in Merichas, Loutra, or Chora in order to move around by bus.

Due to the limited number of hotels, they sell out fast and early booking is recommended if you travel during June-August. Booking your hotel 4 months in advance is strongly recommended.




When should I book my hotel?

Kythnos is a small island, with few hotel units and is very popular for its relaxed lifestyle.
If you are travelling during the high season (mid-June to mid-September) it is recommended to have completed your reservation 5 months in advance.

When is the best time to visit Kythnos?

The peak season in Kythnos is July and August. June and September is the best time to visit the island due to its summerish yet relaxing atmosphere.

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Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

Will I find last-minute availability?

You will not find lodging last minute if you are travelling to Kythnos in July-August or during the weekends of June and September.

What types of accommodation are available?

You can find apartments, rooms-to-let, small beach houses, and some suites and villas.

How much does accommodation cost?

It depends on many factors. The average hotel price for 2 persons would be around 100 - 150 euros/per night during the high season.

Is the island ideal for a family holiday?

Yes, you can find many family hotels in Kythnos. They are comfortable with 2 or more rooms, a kitchen, and easy access to a sandy and safe beach.