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Chora Village Kythnos: A classic Greek island's town, complete with white houses, colorful flowers and pristine churches, Chora town on Kythnos is extremely picturesque.

The narrow streets and quaint little squares have an old world charm to them, which when coupled with the quite modern and well equipped restaurants, form an unbeatable combination. Some of the more famous churches which warrant a visit are the church of Agia Triada, church of Agios Panteleimonas, church of Metamorfosis and also the church of Ioannis.

An interesting fact about these churches was that they were for both Catholic as well as Orthodox pilgrims, with the Catholics praying on the left side of the church, while the latter use the right side. The Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) church is the oldest of them all, while the church of Agios Prodromos is visited by locals and tourists for a glimpse of its coveted 17th century screen.

One particularly interesting attraction near Hora is Loutra, located just 4.5 km from the town. It is famous for its hot spas which are believed to have healing waters, attracting hundreds of visitors at all times.

Some famous beaches nearby Chora are Episkopi, Apokrousi and Martinakia, all of which are easily accessible. Located just 8 km from the port of Kythnos, Chora is an ideal first stop on the island.

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Chora Kythnos Suites


Just a breath away from the whitewashed houses, the elegant arches, and the quaintly cobbled alleys lie Chora Kythnos Suites. Sitting amphitheatrically, nestled in the ever-charming Cycladic setting, the haven of serenity provides magnificent views to the inspiring landscape. Elegant lines, stylish ...


Filoxenia Studios


The Filoxenia Studios are located in the town of Kythnos is built and based on Cycladic architecture with modern standards. Chora's noble and white Aegean seagull is undoubtedly the brilliant jewel of Kythnos. Its location, in the center of the island, makes it easy, comfortable, and immediate for ...



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Church of Agios Ioannis

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  • hhhy24 21 Feb 2009
    Keep it quiet
    Chora is a typical Cycladic village, with a lot of blue and white and small houses that look to the countryside. Nothing special for me, just a beautiful village. The only good thing was the cozy cafeterias you could find in any corner. They make good traditional Greek coffee and taverns cook well. People also in Chora were very friendly, especially old people. It was like they were very happy that you had gone there, but they didn't want you to be very loud and noisy.
  • alice44 19 Dec 2008
    All a romantic scenery
    As I don't like swimming much, I usually go to places for sightseeing. This year destination was Kythnos, a lovely Greek island, with isolate places and lovely people. The best thing to do in Kythnos was walking along the cobbled paths of Chora, especially in the midday, when nobody is around. Kythnos Chora is one of the most picturesque villages I have seen. Its people take good care of their vilage, as it was very clean and white-washed. The stores usually closed in the midday, but the lonely views from the highest point were excellent. When the wind blows, the scenery gets even more romantic. Chora gave me such relaxing and refreshing moments that I am truly grateful for this.