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Merichas Village Kythnos: Merihas is a small seaside village, which has kept its traditional appearance throughout the years. It is placed on the west coast of the island, at 8 km from the main town and this is the main port of Kythnos island, where ferries from Piraeus and the nearby islands moor.

Merihas village has a few permanent residents, some of which speak English, but even if they don't, it is easy to communicate with them. The village tends to get quite crowded in the peak season, when tourists come to the island.

Many summer boat trips start from this point and Merihas is connected to Chora by buses. Merihas has some hotels and room rentals to stay. In fact, it concentrates most of the available options around its port. Merihas also has a lively nightlife that attracts the young people of the island and lots of tourists.

Moreover, you will have the chance to enjoy a fresh fish meal in the numerous taverns of the village, while sitting at a table almost on the water's edge. As for some sights to see in Merihas, there is the close by site of Vryokatsro, the ancient capital of the island, inhabited until the 7th century A.D, with ruins of walls, temples, altars and Roman buildings. Moreover, pay a visit to the church of Panagia Flambouriani. The nearest beaches to Merihas village are Episkopi, Apokrousi and Martinakia.

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Villa Elena


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