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Liparo Beach Kea: Liparo is one of the golden beaches on Kea, on the southwest coast of the island. It can be found among the beaches of Koundouros, Pisses, Kastelakia, Kambi, and Lygia.

Among this variety of beaches sharing the south-west coast, we find those more aimed to tourism, and those more secluded, which usually give the idea of secret paradise shared by a few. The combination between them, can supply the needs of the visitors that come to Kea every year.

The connection between beaches like Pisses and Koundouros is very positive for Liparo, since they can supply the lack of facilities that such a lonely place enjoys. In fact, Liparo is usually promoted as a remote beach found further along the coast after the beach of Kambi, a picturesque environment with its acorn trees and some facilities, followed by the Vathirrema gorge.

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