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General information

Korissia Beach Kea: Mountains, filled with fragrant wildflowers, overlook the long, curving sandy beach of Korissia. Located just 5.5 kilometers northwest of the capital of Kea Island, Ioulida, it provides tourists with the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a calm, quiet day, lazing in the sun.

Nearby, the natural port of Korissia is another attraction. The beach is lined with several umbrellas providing ample shade to those looking for a relaxing day.

The golden sand on the shore is interspersed with little pebbles, while rocks gliding into the sea lie at the water's edge, forming natural seats to sit and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. Apart from the beautiful view of the sea, the beach at Korissia is adjacent to some beautiful, white Greek buildings. Their architecture adds charm to the beach, offering a closer look at the local way of life and the feeling of truly being in Greece.

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