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Information about Pisses beach

Pisses Beach Kea: Pisses is one of the favourite beaches on Kea, on the south-western coast at 11 km from Ioulida, the capital of the island.

The trip to this location offers a great landscape. Other nice beaches that can be found in the close areas are Koundouros, Kastelakia, Lygia, and Liparo. However, in the case of Pisses, apart from offering great environment on the way, it has the particularity of being located on a fruit and cypress trees valley, with lots of flowers and also farms.

Regarding the available facilities, in terms of accommodation, Pisses offers some good options of room rentals, as well as the island's only organized camping site. Pisses also counts on is a tavern serving very good dishes.

Unlike most of Kea beaches, Pisses can be affected by the summer winds of Meltemi, making the sea a little rough. Although this will be surely enjoyed by surfers, when the waters are calm, they turn great for snorkelling and swimming. That is why this beach is usually chosen by families.

Another interesting detail about this beach is that the village it belongs to, used to be the location of an ancient city called Poiessa or Piiessa, which acropolis hosts the temple of Apollo, the church of Panagia Sotira, and the Poiessa fort. The beach itself has also the ruins of another ancient city that used to be on top of a southern mountain that marks one of the valley's boundaries.

The beach of Pisses offers most of the features that any visitor or local may expect from a beach: an awesome landscape, good facilities, the chance of practising water sports, and some interesting sites to visit. That is why Pisses is one of the favourite beaches on Kea, especially for the families.

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