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Koundouros Beach Kea: Koundouros beach is on the northwest part of the island. The location of this beach, at 18 km from Ioulis, the capital, makes it a very popular area that usually receives many yachts from the mainland during the weekends.

The beach itself has nice features and is very picturesque, with restored stone mills. Among its advantages we can point out its protection from the north winds, and its facilities which include some taverns, as well as good accommodation options.

Although some areas on this beach are being under construction -with all the discomfort this implicates- the remaining areas provide great crystalline waters and a nice, calm atmosphere in which just the sound of the waves can be heard.

Those who plan to spend some time at Kea and enjoy being close to the beach instead of the town will surely take advantage of the available options at Koundouros. Then, when it comes to relaxing and enjoying its natural beauty, the most tranquil areas that have not been used for massive building can be enjoyed; although many people also like the vibe that Koundouros offers.

In case of walking further along the coast, the beaches of Kambi, as well as the gorge of Vathirema can be found. The beach of Kambi counts on beautiful acorn trees, while the gorge ends at a beautiful remote beach called Liparo.

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  • adelheid21 28 Oct 2008
    A nice protected cove
    On Kea, we stayed in a nice pension close to Koundouros beach. It had nothing to do with the crowded, organized beaches of Mykonos, Rhodes or other Greek islands. However, Kea and its beaches are beautiful in their own, quiet way. Koundouros is a long beach with clean water. It is protected from the winds, as the beach is actually a cove. Not dangerous at all for the children. Also many taverns are around Koundouros beach and a small village is close by for everything you will need.