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General information

Otzias Beach Kea: The beach of Otzias is a picturesque environment bordered by trees on the north side of Kea, 11 km from Ioulida - the capital. It belongs to a small settlement with many beautiful narrow paths, ideal for strolling in spring.

Otzias beach extends over 700 meters, and one of its main advantages is that it gives the chance of performing windsurfing. Kea, unlike other Greek islands, is not affected by the summer winds of Meltemi. Except for Otzias, most of Kea's beaches have tranquil waters that are not the best for this sport.

The ruins of some harbor facilities reveal that Otzias beach used to be a port during classical times. Other attractions nearby include some mines about a mile away, on the way to the church of Panagia Kastriani. The importance of this church does not lay just on the fact of being dedicated to the Virgin Mary since the story of its origin is very interesting. It relates to a miracle indicating this was the chosen place for this church. Today, Panagia Kastriani is part of a monastery that includes another bigger and newer church matching the style of the first one, and also a few cathedrals. In addition, the high location of these buildings on top of a rock assures some great views.

Regarding the current facilities of Otzias beach, there are a couple of taverns and cafes. When it comes to accommodation, Otzias counts on some good options. Many of these are hotels and houses that overlook the bay and are made of stone, preserving a picturesque look that matches the general vibe of this area.

Moreover, the village of Otzias, on the east side of the bay, boasts some establishments where you can have a fun time. After spending a great day on the beach and watching the sunset at one of its bars in the afternoon, you can head to the village to enjoy a tasty meal and some live music.

Otzias beach Map

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