Introduction & General Information

Iraklia island is a tiny island that belongs to the Cyclades complex. It is geographically located between Naxos and Ios, two of the most popular Greek islands, but still, Iraklia preserves its calm and traditional style. Due to its small size, Iraklia hasn't developed much its tourism facilities, however, its natural beauty and pure atmosphere are much attractive to visitors.

Around Iraklia, there are many other tiny islands, like Schinoussa and Koufonisia. Only a few people live permanently in Iraklia and its number doesn't overpass 150 residents. However, in summer, the island gets more population who has summer houses there or deal with tourism businesses.

The main port of Iraklia is Agios (Saint) Georgios, a picturesque small harbor that owes its name to a small chapel that is found close by. Some houses and rooms to rent have been built around this port. The other village of Iraklia is Panagia, located in the center of the island with fewer inhabitants. In summer, small excursion boats leave from Agios Georgios and make the tour of the island, stopping at several beaches.

The most famous beach in Iraklia is Livadi, an impressive sandy beach with crystal water. There are also many other beaches and small coves in Iraklia to enjoy privacy and calmness.

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