Iraklia Geography

Iraklia is a small island of Cyclades but it is the biggest of the Small Eastern Cyclades complex of islands, to which Donoussa, Schinoussa, and Koufonisi also belong. Geographically, Iraklia is situated between Naxos and Ios, and its history started in recent times. This is a calm island with few inhabitants and beautiful nature. Small cliffs with interesting flora, rocky coasts with scenic bays and narrow trekking paths dot the landscape of Iraklia.

The geography of Iraklia is quite astonishing, although it is small in size. The island is sparsely populated and has only two villages, Agios Georgios on the north, which serves as the main port, and Panagia in the center, the capital. The highest peak on Iraklia, Papas, is only 418 meters high. Most beaches on Iraklia are rocky and can be reached by boat. Livadi is the most popular beach, sandy and gorgeous, with the islet of Venetiko in front of it.

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