Ios Nightlife

Ios is the island of entertainment. It is famous for its wild and crazy nightlife since the 1980s when hippies from Crete first headed to the virgin beaches of Ios. A few cafes and beach bars can be found in Ormos and Mylopotas but most of the night fun is found in Chora, the best place for a night out. Ios suggests bars and clubs with all kind of music, from jazz and reggae to R&B.

Every night, the capital of Ios is transformed into a huge party scene where people drink, dance and have fun until dawn. The picturesque streets of the capital get crowded with people laughing, meeting and choosing a place to spend the night. Although Ios is mostly frequented by teenagers, in fact, it is a great place for all ages.

Bars (11)
Clubs (5)
Restaurants (19)